Tuesday December 4, 6:00 pm

Big Car Service Center, 3819 Lafayette Rd.

Free, info here

Indianapolis is the host of an impressive network of organizations that are making profound and creative impacts on the hunger and food needs of people both locally and globally. “Hunger is Not a Foreign Concept” is a platform in which experts from a variety of local organizations will share what they are doing to address food needs of the hungry throughout the world. In planning this event, we have garnered an extensive awareness of how much is being done in our own community that we would have not otherwise been aware of. It is the mission of this event to share that awareness to others who find Hunger a compelling and important issue to empower them to participate in the challenge of making food readily available to all.


the big questions

  • What are the hunger issues facing Indianapolis?
  • Who are the organizations working on hunger issues, and what are they doing?
  • What are Hoosiers doing globally to address hunger issues?


why should you go?

  • It’s an opportunity to gain knowledge and participate in the fight against hunger
  • Exposure to experts with diverse ranges of experiences and focused efforts (e.g. advocacy, lobbying, service delivery, research)
  • Connect and network with organizations doing great work


why’s it important?

  • Making connections for organizations and students, and building relations
  • Awareness of how hunger plagues our communities
  • Chance to strengthen advocacy, knowledge and resources


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