book discussion
Barb’s Banned Books: Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway

In July, we will meet in The Athenaeum's Max Cade Room to discuss our reading of Journalist Luis Alberto Urreas’ The Devil’s Highway, which is the true story of 26 Mexican immigrants who attempted to cross into the United States in 2001 through an area known at The Devil’s Highway. Only 12 survived the journey. 

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Jerusalem Reunified

The U.S. and Israel are coordinating a “pinnacle event” that will take place concurrently in Washington DC, Jerusalem, and in Israeli Consulates and Jewish communities all over North America to show the breadth of support for the U.S.-Israel relationship and the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.

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film and discussion
Little Warriors Reception & Screening

"Little Warriors" is about a group of youth in Indianapolis who successfully inspired their City government to adopt a climate recovery resolution.

Cancer and the Blood Brain Barrier

Clear the way, coming through! Drug delivery through the blood-brain barrier

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author talk
Abrupt Climate Change with Guy McPherson

Conservation Biologist Dr. Guy McPherson is the leading expert on the risk of near-term human extinction due to abrupt climate change (as seen with Bill Nye on National Geographic). Dr. McPherson will be speaking about our collective response to Earth’s newest phase of accelerated warming at a series of events throughout the Midwestern U.S. and during July, 2017.

panel discussion
Cultural Appropriation 101

The idea of “cultural appropriation” has recently entered mainstream debates about the ways in which cultural creations are used, borrowed and imitated by others. In fashion, art, music and beyond, some people now argue that certain cultural symbols and products should be off-limits to people outside that culture.

Trans Pride Social

Get to know each other. Socialize and mingle! Take in the work of our local trans authors, poets, and musicians!

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dinner and talk
Civil Liberties Leadership Iftar Dinner with Mayor Hogsett

The Muslim Alliance of Indiana and the Indianapolis Muslim Community Association invite you to an Iftar Dinner with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. Please join us to thank Mayor Hogsett and recognize other public servants who have spoken out and taken action to defend civil liberties for all in Indianapolis. Attendees include Mayor Hogsett, City Controller Fady Qaddoura and other prominent city officials.

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Art Workshops with Inocente ages 8+

Register your child for art workshop sessions with Inocente Izucar! Children will learn to paint with the expressive style that Inocente lends to all her work, and will take home their creations.

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Walk a Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes

Walk a Mile in a Refugee's Shoes is an hour-long simulation that allows participants to assume the identity and role of a refugee. Through the simulation you will be given the opportunity to learn what experiences a refugee is faced with once forced to flee their country. You will encounter seven stations meant to mimic the process a refugee would encounter. We hope that you walk away from this experience enlightented on refugee reality and what steps you can take to advocate or a desire to get involved.

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Freedom Rally – We The People

We are celebrating our consitution and the freedoms that it gives us! Join us to listen to various speakers and to check out like minded organizations from around our great state. More details to come!

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art exhibit
Inocente Izucar: HOME

Inocente says. “I want this exhibition to be about hope and home, about hoping to finally find a permanent home with permanent people, a place to call my home.”

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