Summer talking
Solar Seminar @ Englewood Christian Church

Damon Spight explores technology and policy with pastors, laypersons of various religions, business owners, engineers, NAACP representatives, and residents of the immediate community.

Talking food policy
Policy Measures: Change My Climate, Change My Plate

Shane Spring reports on a thought-provoking event organized by his SPEA classmates

The Loving Story

Meredith Lizza is surprised to learn of the Loving story, less surprised to be part of a discussion of racism lacking much nuance

foreign policy videos
Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

Lacey Berkshire gives some very good reasons why everyone should want to watch a video about reasons for hope in Iran

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Lunch & Learn — “Food Sovereignty”

James Rawlinson wonders how Indy's small urban footprint and nearby farms will shape the city achieving food sovereignty.

more policy videos
“All Healthcare is Local” Conference: Helping Indiana Communities Organize Around Health

Greg Stocking considers some good reasons for people to watch a video of a lecture about healthcare and community

making a better Indy
Garfield Park Neighborhood Better Block Party

Meredith Lizza thinks the Better Block for Garfield Park would have been even better with more nonprofits helping out

Policy shaping in Indiana
Crowd Funding Law Updates

Bradley Gottschlich learns how crowdsourcing is forcing us to rethink fraud and due diligence

Summertime deep thoughts
Feasting with pitches

Says Sarah Gerke: "It was interesting to see how such an event could unite organization against a problem or even connect the public with a cause they care about. Best of all, each person could feel as if they were making a difference by merely placing their voting chip in someone’s cup."

Conversations Summer 2014
Dreamapolis: PitchFeast

Like many other SPEA students, Greg Stocking found himself at Speak Easy for the June PitchFeast ... he reports

Summertime 2014
Can a Small Film Make a Big Impact?

Kathy Pataluch ponders how to use a passionate documentary to reshape public policy concerning homeless individuals in Indianapolis.

comments on policy videos
David Woodward at End Bullying Now!

Chris Moeller reflects on how close to zero tolerance should be for bullying

Make Change!
Lisa Marchal and Advocacy 101

Kacie Newhouse realizes that even though personal relations with a change maker is too much work, she can contribute to change by surrounding herself with like-minded individuals

Spring Conversations
Former Indian Ambassador Opens up about Climate Change

Matt Impink wishes the word was disseminated wider and the talk had been peppier

Talk with social innovators
Human impact on the environment

Environmental Impact = Population (x) Affluence (x) Technology, or I = PxAxT ... Nick Kappas learns important math, and wishes he could ask questions

beyond our borders
Displaced but Not Forgotten

Kahfii King learns how a woman bathing in the street could lead to the transformation of thousands of lives in Bangladesh.

Events inspiring innovation
A Beginners Guide to Non-Profit Sustainability

Bradley Gottschlich is happy he is acquiring a fine SPEA education in nonprofit management, but marvels at how much one can learn about the topic hanging out at the library

Insightful talks
Global trends in 3rd sector accountability

A talk about accountability in the nonprofit sector leads Nick Kappas to want a dialogue about how to fix it.

Real social entrepreneurs
Big Car Wednesday conversations on collaboration among nonprofits

Caroline Tait visits one of Indy's most collaborative organizations

Seeking social justice
Standing For The Community In Indianapolis

Christopher Moeller learns how little the rest of the community understands those who are standing up for it

Thought-provoking art
Discovering Brazil Through Hip-Hop

Jason Hidy goes to the Library and discovers Capoeira and Cultural Cannibals

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
Celebrate Brazil @ the Library

Adelina Chilundo visits Brazil in the Indy Central Library, and manages to find someone with whom to have a conversation in Portuguese

Essential initiative
November 9: Social Entrepreneurship David Bornstein

Social entrepreneurship is a process by which citizens build or transform institutions to advance solutions to social problems, such as poverty, illness, illiteracy, environmental destruction, human rights abuses and corruption, in order to make life better for many. David Bornstein's How to Change the World examines instances of this concept in practice. It's the book selected for IUPUI's Common Theme, intended to shape discussions across schools and departments.

The Dream is Now @ La Plaza

Kayla Woodward sees the premeire of a powerful film about today's headlines

science and technology
Selma Šabanović @ Science on Tap

Matthew Pope ponders the sorts of social relations we should have with robots

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global politics
An insider’s perspective on Burma

LaShaundra Bridges connects Burma and Indy

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What can five bucks get you these days? At PitchFeast, a crisp Abe Lincoln earns you dinner by Yats, your choice of local Sun King beer, and a chance to help change the world.

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culture & the arts
Final Friday @ IMA

Jenny Skehan discovers that regardless of their religion, race, or language, punks are LOUD

local meets global
Should We Be Global Citizens?

Rose Timpe raises the possibility that to be an American citizen may mean thinking globally

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Conferences & conversations
Belonging and Participation

Gina Platten attends a discussion of civic patriotism in a temple of civil religion

provocative conversations
Benjamin Harrison Home

Alex Ostrovsky gets pleasure from Indiana's gift to the White House

religions and spirituality
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

people thought it was supposed to cross and build bridges with different culture and not cross bridges throughout the time

food issues
Indy Food Council: Garfield Park Community Conversation

Rose Timpe discovers Hoosiers who share her passion for food equity

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coming to Indiana
Indiana Youth Institute “Working with Hispanic Youth”

An excellent opportunity to learn about challenges facing our Hispanic and immigrant populations, meeting with representatives from sister organizations and seeing the space and opportunities available

Chuck Klosterman and his hats

He explains that in order to be evil, you have to care. Normally, he says, he doesn’t care, but when people become distractions he notices and cares.

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World-changers speak
Archbishop Tutu delivers a message of Peace, Reconciliation & Acceptance

Ryan Roth reports on Archbishop Desmond Tutu launching a center named in his honor

build a better indy
Indianapolis: the Paris of the United States?

Bethany Gosewehr imagines a day when Hoosiers can drive in shared cars to the Champs-Élysées

Spring 2014
Nonprofits & Government

A panel discussion inspires Katelyn Utley to focus on community relations.

Fall 2013
Green spirituals?

Says Megan Engbring, "it is no surprise that one approach that many different people have turned to for spreading the word about the environmental issues and struggles facing both Indiana and the World."

Summer 2013
Skyrocketing gasoline could help efforts to obtain referendum to expand central Indiana transit

The plan to expand mass transit in Indianapolis will have to wait at least one more year.

Spring 2013
Holocaust Museum

Thank you, Eva Kor, for giving me permission to not hold myself or family responsible for Germany’s history. Thank you for helping me to understand the power of forgiveness.

Fall 2012
The Platform : Indy’s Neighborhood Development hub

Indianapolis is one of the largest cities in america that currently doesn’t have a design center. To combat this, the City of Indianapolis partnered with the local LISC chapter to repurpose an area of…

Spring 2012
Jake Jaworski reviews “The Homeless: Hide them or help them?”

The ACLU of Indiana addressed the issue of homelessness in February, just as worries were widely expressed over how Super Bowl visitors to Indianapolis would perceive the city. SPEA Scholar Jake Jaworski has worked on the issue, he shares his impressions of the ACLU's discussion.

Spring 2012
SPEA Scholar Jessica Roberts feeds her brain at the Hunger Banquet

it's the unmerited luck of where and to whom you were born. That's what a Hunger Banquet is supposed to illustrate. SPEA Scholar Jessica Roberts got the message.

Summer 2011
IPS’ top teacher gives her students the world‎

A great story from the Indianapolis Star about a great teacher who is bringing the world to her students.

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