The Windsor Park Neighborhood Block Party: What Could Have Been

"If the Windsor Park Neighborhood block party didn’t get me to interact with my neighbors, it at least got me to take accountability."

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Fellowship 2020 Symposium

Another initiative that stood out was presented by Marshawn Wolley who presented research about engaging the minority in communal and civic culture.

The 2015 AIPAC Indiana Annual Event

"How is Iran going to be different in 15 years? I would only agree to a deal that removed this generation from obtaining nuclear power. Iranian people do not completely agree with their government so I would want to give those people enough time to change their government."

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Railroads in Indianapolis

"Prior to the lecture, railroads to me were simply a burden. Having to cross railroad tracks multiple times a day coming to and from school, catching a train was the last thing that I wanted to sit and wait out. After the lecture, I realized that railroads in Indianapolis along with the United States are gems."

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Festivals in Fall
Indy Sister Cities Fest Unites by Embracing Differences

"Rain showers ended just in the nick of time. The sun was shining soon after the start of the annual Indy Sister Cities Fest and the day grew warmer as the event went on. But the sun can’t take all of the credit for the warmth people felt on Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis"

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C.I.N.S.O. & The C.F.I are Getting Indy Interested in Science

This to me was the most successful aspect of the lecture being as though many in attendance had friends or family members with Trisomy 21.

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Foreign policy
Why a Strong America-Israel Alliance Is Important

Evan Bayh’s explanation of why there has been turmoil in the East surrounding Israel made it more apparent to me as to why our relationship with them must remain strong.

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Films and conversation

... stories are universal for many homeless youth who find themselves bombarded by obstacles involving poverty, race, the juvenile justice system, immigration, foster care, and LGBTQ rights. This film asks you to view these individuals not as delinquents, but as kids who have been thrown away and are in vital need of our support.

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Table conversations
Social Awareness Table Conversations

The Social Awareness Table Conversations event represents an important aspect of our current political and civic life that is lacking; civil discourse. In the current political atmosphere, rhetoric beats rational debate.

Youth conversations
Festivals of Faiths Youth Forum

Of course we cannot just ask parents’ to give us their children and leave the room, so why not have a small parental group in the back of the room. The parents’ can still keep an eye on their children while also being able to discuss important issues. It could even goes as far as instructing the parents on how to keep their household more civically involved, and how to allow technology in their home without letting it take over.

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Fostering Civil Discussion

On September 23rd, 2015, I attended North United Methodist Church for a ‘’ Event. The speaker was Dr. David Carlson, currently a professor. The topic of this discussion was tolerance, specifically in relation to…

Passion & Compassion: Indianapolis Mayoral Candidate Forum

In September, two candidates for Indianapolis mayor met for a public forum. One had an imaginative dream for our city, the other had a no-nonsense plan for our next steps. The election is Nov. 3 – the question remains: which do we need more?

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The Woman Question: From Suffrage to Abortion and Beyond

Reva Siegel delivers a moving lecture called “The Woman Question: From Suffrage to Abortion and Beyond” for the Harris lecture series at the Maurer School of Law. Reva is the professor of Nicholas deB.…

OBAT Helpers
OBAT Helpers & the Story of Bangladesh

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well” (Ralph Waldo Emerson, n.d.). Indianapolis’s own OBAT Helpers has inspired a think tank aimed to help solve problems within the camps of Bangladesh. Empowering youth to be the change that they need within the world, it is an important concept, an important tool and can be very successful.

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