Summer talking
Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism

Jayme Zobrist learns that we might learn things about cities and transit from Maryland

Talking food policy
climate change vs food security

Meredith Ollier reports on the interactions of different players with different roles and powers in the policy-making process

Seasonal eating @ Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Damon Spight attends a focusing event at INRC

foreign policy videos
Consider This consider the Syrian Civil War

Shane Springer watches a video of a discussion that sadly has not gotten less depressing in the months since

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy discusses Small Grocers

Kayla Druin reflects on the policy implications of a desire for naturally produced vegetables sold by local businesses

more policy videos
Michael Tonry — Causes and Cures of Racial Disparities in Sentencing and Imprisonment

Meredith Ollier asks: (1) Are race and sentencing laws related to one another? (2) What implications does incarceration have on families, community, and our society? (3) Is it important for a society to pay attention to incarceration rates of the population and subpopulations?

making a better Indy
Garfield Park Neighborhood Better Block Party

Meredith Lizza thinks the Better Block for Garfield Park would have been even better with more nonprofits helping out

Policy shaping in Indiana
Family/Economy Research to Practice: Oklahoma and Beyond

Chris Moeller realizes that if it means strengthening families, Indiana could look to Oklahoma for examples ... what do we have to lose?

Summertime deep thoughts
An Evening at the PitchFeast

Bradley Gottschlich experience a FUNdraising event where even the losers are winners, and even the winners are asked tough questions.

Conversations Summer 2014
June PitchFeast @ Speak Easy

Kayla Druin enjoys tasty food and learns about micro-grants and part-time hookers

Summertime 2014
International Center’s Polo at Sunset Fundraiser

Greg Stocking manages to find surprising things at a fundraiser with horses and mallets

comments on policy videos
Thoughts on “Civic Responsibility: The Constitution”

Fady Qaddoura watches a video of Alexis de Tocqueville being misconstrued and adapted to the 21st century

Make Change!
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Native Plant workshop and INPAWS special meeting about mission and outreach

Jamison Hutchins wonders how to get younger people to care about ethical lawnscape

Spring Conversations
What to do when there are no more bees?

Christopher Moeller watches a hopeless movie about the death of bees, then learns there's a reason for hope

Talk with social innovators
Hope Seekers, from a curator’s perspective

Paula Katz explores the idea of "storytelling for change" in an exhibition and talk she helped organize

beyond our borders
OBAT Helpers Photo Exhibit a Window to a Hoosier Ambassador

AJ Feeney-Ruiz says many good things about Katie Basbagill (all of the words well deserved)

Events inspiring innovation
5×5 Indy — re:Create

Trish Donovan provides the play-by-play from the spring's most innovative competition

Insightful talks
Climate change and food security

Kahfii King learns that it may take a newly minted Hoosier a while before he can figure out how to increase food security in Indiana

Real social entrepreneurs
Anti-traffickers talk

Eric Linville learns that when you connect global and local, sometimes local is the problem

Seeking social justice
The School to Prison Pipeline: What Is It and What We Can Do to Disrupt It?

Cari Petty is challenged to think that the school-to-prison pipeline could be a reconstitution of the slave state

Thought-provoking art
Jesmyn Ward graces Butler University

"Jesmyn Ward’s visit to Butler was an enchanting, yet chilling invitation into her past and a reminder that even the tragic events that happen in our lives have meaning and beauty in them."

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
Race 4 Rehma

Adelina Chilundo meets a slice of Indy's compassionate community on a sunny day at the canal

Essential initiative
Indy-Africa networks strengthen education on both ends

Recent articles in the Indianapolis Star highlight long-term relations between Indy and Senegal and Kenya that have led to new educational opportunities. Can these chances be multiplied? Can they be even more effective?

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Finland Phenomenon

Sarah Gerke joins others to ponder why Finland's education is whupping ours

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science and technology
Daniela Bortoletto @ Science on Tap

Matthew Pope reports on a Science on Tap talk by Purdue physicist Daniela Bortoletto. Sixty people were briefed on the discovery of the Higgs boson, a project Prof. Bortoletto helped lead. Matthew raises additional questions, and leaves dangling a geeky joke about nuclear physics.

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global politics
Feeding the Dragon: China in Africa

Will the United States be left behind because we will not work with certain people or in certain areas?

JCC poverty simulation

If you could imagine living a lifestyle that you could spend a few hours simulating, what would it be? My guess is that poverty would not top many peoples’ list.

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culture & the arts
A dark & scary production of “Hungry Ghosts”

"...the walk back to the parking lot was very dark and scary"

local meets global
US higher education and the world

A talk about US higher education leads Meghan Engbring to draw lessons from Butler's ex-president Bobby Fong

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Conferences & conversations
National Journal Conference at the University of Virginia

The National Journal Conference has the potential to be a haven for discussions on student-led journals and public policy, and as it hosts the right kinds of speakers in the future, the Conference will undoubtedly serve as a fantastic outlet for sharing best practices and insight into running a truly effective policy journal at any university.

provocative conversations
Benjamin Harrison Home — A piece of history

Andrew Flittner explores a piece of history on Delaware Ave.

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religions and spirituality
Muslim Political Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Meghan Rouse is pushed by an IUPUI professor to think about the struggles of Muslims in the Americas

food issues
El Puerto de San Blas

Keri Dattilo consumes a tasty piece of regional Mexican cuisine in Indianapolis

coming to Indiana
Welcoming Week Indianapolis Celebration: An International Picnic and Party!

Kathy Pataluch braves bad weather to learn about Chin from Burma and food from the farm

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Dr. Rachel Armstrong wants your light to come from bacteria.

Cristina Bacor meets a designer who believes Nature can be our teacher rather than a threat

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World-changers speak
Creating a sense of urgency, determination, and mission

Story after story of women empowered to make a difference in their community motivated the group; creating a sense of urgency, determination, and mission, along with a vision of hope. If one person has the ability make a difference in such harsh conditions, surely those of us who are more fortunate can contribute as well.

build a better indy
“Policy Choices for Indiana’s Future” Gubernatorial Forum

The purpose of the event was to elicit information from each gubernatorial candidate so that the public could better understand their positions on important topics.

Spring 2014
INDYThinks part 1

AJ Feeney-Ruiz comes for the photos by Katie Basbagill, stays for the chickpeas and INDYthinking

Fall 2013
Sen. Donnelly speaks to constituents

Alex Ostrovsky listens to Sen. Joe Donnelly evolve his views on intervention in Syria

Summer 2013
Science on Tap present Selma Šabanović: Social Robotics

Braco Demirovic contemplates morality with a huggable robot

Spring 2013
Engaging North Korea and Iran

Kyle Turner learns about the meaning of engagement form experts

Fall 2012
Irish Fest

I decided to try some Beer Cheese from a different vendor, which I believe was the key to my mistake because it was horrible

Spring 2012
Ted Feeney discusses “Focus 2020 has potential to be more than just talk”

SPEA Scholar Ted Feeney analyzes Indy Star's columnist Erika Smith's take on the Focus 2020 initiative.

Spring 2012
Ted Feeney discusses “Focus 2020 has potential to be more than just talk”

SPEA Scholar Ted Feeney analyzes Indy Star's columnist Erika Smith's take on the Focus 2020 initiative.

Summer 2011
Winning the Future: A Case Study of Two Indiana High Schools

Zach Foughty examines two small Indiana high schools that are using globalization as an opportunity to provide a better education for students in scinece, technology, engineering and math. And their education is made more relevant as they devise new ways to help Haitians make a better life for themselves.

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