Tough talks
Ilan Pappe speaks at IUPUI

Overall Dr. Pappe aims to tell the other side of the story, he asked everyone in the audience to stay educated and to always question those who feed us information.

Lectures worth listening to
Catholic Relief Services- Field Update from Front Lines: Most Pressing Humanitarian Emergencies Today

What surprised me the most about this issue, was how media can dictate what we know and do not know about the issue of the suffering in these countries.

Conferences conversations
Zones of Influence: Belgian Thoughts on the European Economy

"Several attendees asked what a multicultural country such as Belgium could teach the European Union about uniting disparate groups into a single entity, and whether it would behoove the EU to become a more formal and centralized governing body for member states."

Thought-provoking films
Speaking Truth to Power with Anita Hill

"Ms. Hill issued a statement to the FBI detailing the sexual harassment she had faced while working with Clarence Thomas. This was the point where the documentary began."

Challenging rallies
“Muslims For Peace” rally

Many speakers and guests of different backgrounds gathered together on IUPUI’s campus to talk about the importance of peace in the Middle East as well as around the world.

Indy on video
“What Is A Peaceful Society?” By Fran Quigley

"At the end, several members of the audience shared their opinions about the ideas that had been presented, and one eloquent gentleman pointed out that talk is lovely, and donations are lovely, but what is often needed is not money – but bodies."

International videos
Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

November 13 2013 — Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, founder and director of the Middle East Program at the Wilson Center discusses prospects for a rapprochement between Iran and US and the problems President Rouhani faces at home.

Critically viewed videos
Temple Grandin on “Visual Thinking and Animal Behavior”

April 28th, 2011 — Dr. Temple Grandin spoke at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Her talk on Visual Thinking and Animal Behavior was part of the Museum’s Planet Indy series.

Summer talking
Solar Seminar @ Englewood Christian Church

Damon Spight explores technology and policy with pastors, laypersons of various religions, business owners, engineers, NAACP representatives, and residents of the immediate community.

Talking food policy
What is the Indy Food Council?

Jim Rawlinson finally figures out what the Indy Food Council is up to

The Loving Story at the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Chris Moeller situates the story of Richard and Mildred Loving's interracial marriage in the context of pressures on families (and his own loving story)

foreign policy videos
Pierre Atlas on “The Israeli — US Relationship”

Jim Rawlinson watches a video of his prescient professor Pierre Atlas

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy: Small Grocers

Meredith Lizza likes small grocers, but cautions against expecting too much from them

more policy videos
Jennifer McCreight on the Indiana Theocracy

Meredith Ollier asks: (1) without religion, can a society determine right from wrong? (2) How does a society reconcile differences between groups regarding something as fundamental as religion or lack thereof? (3) What does separation of church as state mean?

making a better Indy
Indy Re-Zone Meeting

Meredith Lizza notices that being reminded that farm animals in cities are noisy and may require special fences tends to make zoning meetings tense

Policy shaping in Indiana
Columbus City Council meeting part 1

Jayme Zobrist attends a meeting of the Columbus IN City Council, and wonders how bureaucratic theory can explain funding for bike trails

Summertime deep thoughts
Playworks inspires

Sarah Gerke plays at her work

Conversations Summer 2014
Freedom Riders ride to the Indiana State Museum

Chris Moeller discusses the possibilities of nonviolent change with two living legends

Summertime 2014
Is It Too Late to Right a Wrong?

Kathy Pataluch wonders why an expert cannot express more outrage at the incomprehensible.

comments on policy videos
Thoughts on “Civic Responsibility: The Constitution”

Fady Qaddoura watches a video of Alexis de Tocqueville being misconstrued and adapted to the 21st century

Make Change!
ROWport (2014)- Reconnecting to Our Waterways

Jamison Hutchins reports on Reconnecting to Our Waterways and its ROW-port 2014

Spring Conversations
What to do when there are no more bees?

Christopher Moeller watches a hopeless movie about the death of bees, then learns there's a reason for hope

Talk with social innovators
Young Nonprofit Professional Network: Third Thursday Huddle

Faren Jones gets up before dawn and meets some other great nonprofit early birds

beyond our borders
ICWA Fall of the Berlin Wall 20 Years Later

A talk about Germany by the Indiana Council on World Affairs leads AJ Feeney-Ruiz down the paths of memory

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Events inspiring innovation
5×5 generates ideas for generating ideas

Caroline Tait imagines how more events like 5x5 can do good for arts organizations

Insightful talks
Tobias Leadership Conference

Eric Linville learns about Victor Frankenstein's leadership failures, and what Ukrainians would like from their leaders

Real social entrepreneurs
Help Heal Haiti @ Butler University

Dan Quackenbush learns what students can learn when they get outside the "Butler Bubble" ... and listen

Seeking social justice
Rev. Charles Harrison and the 10 Point Coalition

Christopher Moeller meets a minister and plans to walk the streets

Thought-provoking art
Brazil, Art, and The Environment

Jason Hidy learns that amazing paintings can sometimes lead to opportunities for conversing

nonprofits meet government
Discussing Nonprofits & Government

Faren Jones learns about the hazards of mission creep and fund dependency when nonprofits get close to government

Global fun in Indy
The World’s Game Comes to Indianapolis

Bradley Gottschlich misses the action while standing in line, but still has fun

Essential initiative
A visit to a refugee farm in Lafayette Square

SPEA student Brad Coffing visited the newest of these farms and interviewed Maria Beltran-Figueroa, the motive force behind refugee farming in Central Indiana. Brad reports on this component of the international ferment brewing around Lafayette Square.

Post-urban Detroit in “Urban Roots”

SPEA Scholar Rachel Ogorski wonders whether Detroit's farms are Indy's future

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science and technology
Cities Unseen: How Microbes Can Make Public Spaces, Buildings, and Human Beings Healthier

How can a deeper understanding of microbes help us create sustainable cities, healthier buildings (including our hospitals and homes), and more robust green spaces?

global politics
The Euro Crisis according to Cathy Bonser-Neal

Teresa Benz reports on an insightful analysis of the crisis of the Eurozone

Pitch Feast

Nick Kappas watches community form and articulate over food at a brewery

culture & the arts
Under African Skies

The film did a really good job of showing how this one album caused a huge stir in the political arena on a global scale. The documentary also did a great job of showcasing the relationship and layers between the album, the state of global affairs at the time, and the way music can really affect people and its purpose.

local meets global
Dwell Better Together at Franklin College

Christina Gomez Bacor learns there's more to Indianapolis than Ethiopian bread-plates ... there are Ethiopians, too

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Conferences and conversations
Report of RESULTS International Conference on Poverty – Washington DC (July 20-23, 2013)

Karim reports on a conference in DC that took him deep into the heart of US poverty policy-making

provocative conversations
Benjamin Harrison Home

Alex Ostrovsky gets pleasure from Indiana's gift to the White House

religions and spirituality
Muslim Journeys, Human Journeys

Rosa New wonders about building interfaith understanding through a book club

food issues
Rising price of beef affects us all

Larisa Pavlov realizes that even vegetarianism cannot protect her from the impact of the price of beef

coming to Indiana
Burmese Refugee Community in Indianapolis

An opportunity for people to learn a little more about the refugee’s life in the United States, as well as see what Indianapolis is doing for these populations.

The Case for Two Presidents?

Jeanine Louw contemplates an audacious political reform suggested by IU-Indianapolis law professor David Orentlichter

World-changers speak
Ambassadors from the Arctic

A few thousand people a year are fortunate enough to see polar bears in the wild, but millions see them in zoos, thus polar bears in zoos become ambassadors for their wild counterparts.

build a better indy
Is Indianapolis getting better or worse?

Matt Johnson realizes there's no place like Indiana-No-Place

Spring 2014
ICWA discusses great decisions about food and climate change

Katelyn Utley hears a great expert give a great talk about a Great Decision

Fall 2013
Kilowatt Ours

Megan Engbring joins the choir to hear a sermon about light bulbs

Summer 2013
Revolutionary Optimists” @ KI EcoCenter

Keri Dattilo discovers a hidden treasure in an unmarked building

Spring 2013
An insider’s perspective on Burma

LaShaundra Bridges connects Burma and Indy

Fall 2012
Polar bears think this guy is awesome

The Indianapolis Zoo and SPEA recently hosted a talk with Polar Bear International’s Climate Change Activist and Polar Bear Scientist Dr. Steven C. Amstrup.  Polar Bear International (PBI) engages in educational and outreach endeavors,…

Spring 2012
Sarah Hamang reviews the Indiana Genocide Prevention Summit

Civic organizations, students, teachers, genocide survivors, activists, and concerned citizens from across the state came to the first Indiana Genocide Prevention Summit on March 31. SPEA Scholar Sarah Hamang attended, and she thinks the most important part of the summit may have not bee adequately highlighted.

Spring 2012
Ali Curtis reviews A Night of Vonnegut

SPEA Scholar Ali Curtis had the good luck to attend “A Night of Vonnegut,” the fundraising gala put on by the Kurt Vonnegut Jr Memorial Library. She shares a report, as does local Vonnegut…

Summer 2011
IPS’ top teacher gives her students the world‎

A great story from the Indianapolis Star about a great teacher who is bringing the world to her students.

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