Upcoming political discussions

Talk with politicians, political analysts, reporters and ordinary Hoosiers about this unconventional and unexpected political season.

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Muslims & more
Conversations about religion, politics, and policy

Some say religion is the source of political and policy conflicts, others say religion can be the solution to social challenges. Converse with people of various faiths (and of no faith at all).

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Talk with & about newcomers

Explore one of the most controversial topics in the 2016 election with immigrants, experts, service providers, and policy-makers.

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Re-imagine social problems & solutions

Learn about grassroots approaches such as "Ten Days of Compassion" and the challenge to document "100,000 acts of compassion" in Central Indiana.

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Debate global issues

Discuss developments around the world with experts and with people who shape those developments.

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Examine the challenges refugees face

Talk with refugees from Syria, Iraq, Burma, Congo ... and find out how they survived and think they can thrive.

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Discuss youth-led initiatives

young people want to change the world ... talk to them about the resources and skills they need to do it.

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Economic development
Talk about economic development, local & global

Scores of local organizations are committed to fighting poverty and empowering the vulnerable around the world. Discuss with them the best strategies.

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