A conversation with State Rep. Christina Hale

"There are so many real problems where agendas can be set with congeniality across the aisle, particularly on the economic and non-ideological issues, where the legislature is constitutionally allowed to legislate in the first place that there is no reason to pursue contentious ideological statutes. And, coming full circle, a side effect of keeping these polite bipartisan agenda setting discussions limited to non-ideological issues should be increased voter turnout and participation."

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Muslims & more
Conversations about religion, politics, and policy

Some say religion is the source of political and policy conflicts, others say religion can be the solution to social challenges. Converse with people of various faiths (and of no faith at all).

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Talk with & about newcomers

Explore one of the most controversial topics in the 2016 election with immigrants, experts, service providers, and policy-makers.

“Homestretch” for the homeless

"While people are apt to offer opinions on public policy via different forms of social media, they are often less likely to take action to correct these types of issues."

Debate global issues

Discuss developments around the world with experts and with people who shape those developments.

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MAI’s Refugee Fair and Iftar Dinner

Felix Rippy attends an iftar and discovers that not all new Hoosiers necessarily want to stay Hoosiers

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Discuss youth-led initiatives

young people want to change the world ... talk to them about the resources and skills they need to do it.

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Economic development
Yoga on the Spiritual Trail

"but few buildings and public space have been designed in a way that orients them to the river. There are often regulatory restrictions for the reason for structures such as buildings, to be designed away from these areas, but the trail recognizes the potential connection and spiritual meaning that nature can bring."

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From Atoms to Indianapolis

"This event underscored the importance of presenting the opportunity for the public to have access to new information in a setting that allows the public to ask questions and receive answers pertaining to the information."

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