Poverty Knows No Bounds

Matthew Pope's growing engagement fighting poverty with RESULTS leads him to Haiti, where he connects to real people he could not have met in Indy

Global Indy and what it aspires to do

Despite the remarkable and important work being done by local groups around the world, opportunities to do more and to be more effective are being missed. Global Indy tries to change this situation.

The Neighborhood of Saturdays @ JCC

This should be a great event for March 30th — In 2010, anthropology students from IUPUI began collecting histories, photographs and other memorabilia from African-American and Sephardic Jewish elders, former residents of what had been one of the most multi-ethnic neighborhoods in Indianapolis: the Near Southside.

A Bright Future

Matt Impink looks to Africa for a new way of thinking about civic challenges in the US

A double shot of Lisa Marchal this week

Lisa Marchal is one of Indy’s great assets. She’s the Senior Global Grassroots Associate with RESULTS, a grassroots advocacy group committed to creating the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. It’s a major job with a national/international organization, but she’s located in Indianapolis, and very much part of the community here. Lisa is giving two talks, both talks for important organizations you ought to get to know.

addressing problems beyond our borders 

Kenya Carnival

Mark Wade learns about local efforts by kids to raise money for kids in Kenya, and his kid has fun in the process

Constrained philanthropy in India

Joshua Shuck learns that the Indian government doesn't make it easy for NGOs to do their jobs

Images of OBAT helping in Bangladesh

Kacie Newhouse wants more people in Indy to feel the same empowerment seen in the photos of Urdu-speakers in Bangladesh

Displaced but Not Forgotten

Kahfii King learns how a woman bathing in the street could lead to the transformation of thousands of lives in Bangladesh.

OBAT Helpers Continues to Make Sure the Biharis Aren’t “Forgotten”

A little information about the Urdu-speaking Biharis in Bangladesh makes Rebecca Scheer yearn to learn more

Events inspiring innovation 

Venture Club meeting

Trish Donovan explains why it’s good to be outgoing

Jabberwocky Event and Reflections

Bradley learns about his new sisters around the world

Adult Swim at The Children’s Museum

Karla Camacho-Reyes indulges her inner child at the Children's Museum, but keeps the observant eye of a grown-up

SCORE Workshops

Trish Donovan realizes there is a lot to be said for in-person mentoring

How to Build a Nonprofit Organization: Building Blocks for Starting a 501(c)(3)

Alisha Borcherding reports on an event in which 35 people share the goal of not making profits

Insightful talks 

Global trends in 3rd sector accountability

A talk about accountability in the nonprofit sector leads Nick Kappas to want a dialogue about how to fix it.


Trish Donovan looks long and hard for a group that shares her passion for fighting poverty, and almost misses it

ICWA discusses great decisions about food and climate change

Katelyn Utley hears a great expert give a great talk about a Great Decision

Standing For The Community In Indianapolis

Christopher Moeller learns how little the rest of the community understands those who are standing up for it

Third Sector Accountability in Review

Bradley Gottschlich learns that thinking clearly about nonprofit accountability might require Intro to Philosophy

Make Change! 

ROWport (2014)- Reconnecting to Our Waterways

Jamison Hutchins reports on Reconnecting to Our Waterways and its ROW-port

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Native Plant workshop and INPAWS special meeting about mission and outreach

Jamison Hutchins wonders how to get younger people to care about ethical lawnscape

National Bike Summit-Washington DC

Jamison Hutchins goes to Washington to explore the how policy wonks and social entrepreneurs can get around on 2 wheels.

Paws & Think

Looking for a new activity where you can hang out with your dog and do some good for your community at the same time? Look no further than Paws and Think, an Indy non-profit focused on the “human-animal connection”

Upward College for Chin Students

Matt Impink discovers a Gatsby-strength ambition to improve among college-bound Chin students

nonprofits meet government 

Discussing Nonprofits & Government

Faren Jones learns about the hazards of mission creep and fund dependency when nonprofits get close to government

Nonprofits & Government

A panel discussion inspires Katelyn Utley to focus on community relations.

Interactions that Shape Policy and Civil Society

Karla Camacho-Reyes considers new ways social media are reshaping nonprofits and their work

Nonprofits and Government: A panel discussion

Brad Gottschlich ponders what the balance should be between government, nongovernmental, and private

Real live social entrepreneurs 

Help Heal Haiti @ Butler University

Dan Quackenbush learns what students can learn when they get outside the “Butler Bubble” … and listen

Giving Sum + The Facing Project

Jason Hidy discovers two great organizations, Giving Sum and the Facing Project (and an alternate view of the event is expressed)

Microfunding @ PitchFeast

Kacie Newhouse wants to get more people to hear the pitches at PitchFeast

PitchFeast: Pitching and Feasting, Both Fun

Rebecca Scheer ponders what it would take to get more $5 bills into worthy hands

Spring Conversations 

“Philanthropy Feast”

Paula Katz learns that volunteering can pay off

What to do when there are no more bees?

Christopher Moeller watches a hopeless movie about the death of bees, then learns there's a reason for hope

Industrial Workers of the World: One Big Union

Jason Hidy visits with a new union that is also one of the world's oldest.

The Empire Never Ended

Matt Impink attends the opening of iMOCA's Philip K Dick-inspired exhibit, and somehow avoids getting in a hot tub with Prince Rama

Former Indian Ambassador Opens up about Climate Change

Matt Impink wishes the word was disseminated wider and the talk had been peppier

Talk with social innovators 

Human impact on the environment

Environmental Impact = Population (x) Affluence (x) Technology, or I = PxAxT … Nick Kappas learns important math, and wishes he could ask questions

Kahfii rules @ the Ain’t Too Late Show

Kahfii King discovers a fun and competitive way to think about green living

Hope Seekers forum @ Herron

Eric Linville comes away from a photography exhibit wanting to learn more about the orphans

Hope Seekers, from a curator’s perspective

Paula Katz explores the idea of "storytelling for change" in an exhibition and talk she helped organize

Jill Vialet of Playworks

Mark Wade is disappointed that he didn't get to talk more with a social enterprising legend, but is happy he connected with locals she has inspired

Thought-provoking art and culture 

Jesmyn Ward graces Butler University

“Jesmyn Ward’s visit to Butler was an enchanting, yet chilling invitation into her past and a reminder that even the tragic events that happen in our lives have meaning and beauty in them.”

“Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism”

Katelyn wishes a poster expresses how she feels about Walmart

Discovering Brazil Through Hip-Hop

Jason Hidy goes to the Library and discovers Capoeira and Cultural Cannibals

A double dose of Brazil — Feijoada and Carnaval

Dan quackenbush goes from being Brazil-curious to a seasoned Brazil-veteran

More coffee please ….

Joshua Shuck learns the high potential cost of his life's simpler pleasures