Summer talking
A Night of Peace with the People of Peace

Damon Spight and his friend Aristotle join a group of young professionals who are seeking new paths to peace

Talking food policy
What is the Indy Food Council?

Jim Rawlinson finally figures out what the Indy Food Council is up to

The Loving Story

Meredith Lizza is surprised to learn of the Loving story, less surprised to be part of a discussion of racism lacking much nuance

foreign policy videos
On “Peace Building And Conflict Resolution”

Meredith Ollier ponders how a teacher can use a video of a speech about peace by a Santa impersonator

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Fair Food with Growing Places Indy

Meredith Lizza asks: is no food or an increase in number of people suffering from food insecurity a consequence we are willing to suffer by demanding “better” food?

more policy videos
“All Healthcare is Local” Conference: Helping Indiana Communities Organize Around Health

Greg Stocking considers some good reasons for people to watch a video of a lecture about healthcare and community

making a better Indy
Garfield Park Neighborhood Better Block Party

Meredith Lizza thinks the Better Block for Garfield Park would have been even better with more nonprofits helping out

Policy shaping in Indiana
Public Conversations on the Future of Healthcare in Indiana

Fady Qaddoura believes public hearing events did not allow for discussions between participants to occur; however, public testimony of advocate and lobbyists gave a clear indication of who really influences healthcare policy in Indiana

Summertime deep thoughts
Jubilee Village Project — Indy Walk for Water

Greg Stocking attends one of the special fundraisers Indianapolis has to offer

Conversations Summer 2014
OBAT Helpers 10th Anniversary Community Fundraising “Iftar”

Fady Qaddoura thinks deeply about an iftar and the difficulty OBAT Helpers will have shaping the US policy agenda

Summertime 2014
Arishaa Khan and OBAT Helpers

Sarah Gerke reports on one of the finest NGOs in Indy

comments on policy videos
Peter Haas: Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Greg Stocking thoughtfully analyzes a new approach to transportation and housing

Make Change!
Lisa Marchal and Advocacy 101

Kacie Newhouse realizes that even though personal relations with a change maker is too much work, she can contribute to change by surrounding herself with like-minded individuals

Spring Conversations
“Holding Cell” @ Shining Light

Cari Petty joins a handful of people to learn new ways to destigmatize youthful drug abuse

Talk with social innovators
Kahfii rules @ the Ain’t Too Late Show

Kahfii King discovers a fun and competitive way to think about green living

beyond our borders
ICWA Fall of the Berlin Wall 20 Years Later

A talk about Germany by the Indiana Council on World Affairs leads AJ Feeney-Ruiz down the paths of memory

Events inspiring innovation
How to Build a Nonprofit Organization: Building Blocks for Starting a 501(c)(3)

Alisha Borcherding reports on an event in which 35 people share the goal of not making profits

Insightful talks
Sven Schumacher talks Germany to the ICWA

Matt Impink gets a tasty meal and a taste of German history, and leaves hungry for more

Real social entrepreneurs
Microfunding @ PitchFeast

Kacie Newhouse wants to get more people to hear the pitches at PitchFeast

Seeking social justice
Rev. Charles Harrison and the 10 Point Coalition

Christopher Moeller meets a minister and plans to walk the streets

Thought-provoking art
More coffee please ….

Joshua Shuck learns the high potential cost of his life's simpler pleasures

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
A double dose of Brazil — Feijoada and Carnaval

Dan quackenbush goes from being Brazil-curious to a seasoned Brazil-veteran

Essential initiative
Tzu Chi Foundation

Meghan Rouse experiences alternate religious roots of philanthropy and authentic Chinese food

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“The Revolutionary Optimists” — water, youth, gender

Gina Platten witnesses a slice of India in a run-down room with inspiring Indy youth

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science and technology
Gabe Filippelli on Politics of Climate Change

Becky Boustani realizes: The planet is warming. We have a choice; continue to delay meaningful action by arguing about it or start to make adjustments.

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global politics
The Island President

As the globe is warming, the oceans are rising. Therefore, the islands of the Maldives are eroding away into the ocean and slowly disappearing.

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In the early evening hours of Monday, October 5th, a local organization in Indianapolis called Dreamapolis organized a bi-monthly event called PitchFeast.  Starting around 6pm individuals from the community began to gather, paying a…

culture & the arts
First Friday

My first, First Friday outing was a blast. I had a great time taking in the local art and chatting with non-profits who are actively working to make a difference in people’s lives. If you are looking for a fun night out with friends, first date place or family outing – you should definitely check out First Friday. Come out, have drink, relax and see how deep the rabbit holes goes!

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local meets global
Sen. Donnelly speaks to constituents

Alex Ostrovsky listens to Sen. Joe Donnelly evolve his views on intervention in Syria

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Conferences & conversations
Food Ethics: Something to Chew on

"The small group at Euphoria Events on Sunday afternoon left with full bellies, literature on food ethics, and quite a bit of food for thought."

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provocative conversations
Friendly Fire: Sexual Assault in the Military

Rachel Hatfield examines one of the most serious threats to the US military

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religions and spirituality
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

people thought it was supposed to cross and build bridges with different culture and not cross bridges throughout the time

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food issues
Tasting the Success of a Community

Emily Bales realizes that with international food, people are the most important ingredient (speaking metaphorically)

coming to Indiana
Exodus Refugee

Ryan Roth explains why people driven from their homes and countries by violence can make a better life in Indianapolis

Related To This Article
Egypt: A Sector Divided Cannot Stand

A discussion of Egypt makes Meghan Rouse more aware of how her life is shaped by civil society

World-changers speak
Civility, Politics, and Reconciliation: An Impossible Triangle?

Rosa New learns lessons about forgiveness and healing

build a better indy
7th District’s Candidates Forum on Hunger

The audience had "the naïve impression that we were going to hear some new and concrete ideals about how to tackle hunger in our community and globally and on that point I was disappointed, however the political slugfest that I witnessed was well worth the trip."

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Spring 2014
Discussing Nonprofits & Government

Faren Jones learns about the hazards of mission creep and fund dependency when nonprofits get close to government

Fall 2013
Droning On….

Caitlin Johns offers an invitation to delve more deeply into one of the thorniest issues facing US foreign policy

Summer 2013
Learning the meaning of Desi

Keri Dattilo explores the louder side of South Asian expatriate culture at IMA

Spring 2013
Catalyst Leadership Program

Meredith experiences what it's like when leaders are made

Fall 2012
A dark & scary production of “Hungry Ghosts”

"...the walk back to the parking lot was very dark and scary"

Spring 2012
Janelle Miller on “The Lemonade Revolution: Using Lemonade Stands to Create Future Social Entrepreneurs”

What can be a more recognizable image of a local venture than a kid’s lemonade stand? SPEA Scholar Janelle Miller was part of Lemonade Day 2012, and files this report of the global intentions…

Spring 2012
Jake Jaworski and Cora Griffin review Jim Lemons’s “Last Lecture”

IUPUI's Last Lecture Series offers the university community the opportunity to hear reflections on life’s lessons and meaning from a current or retired IUPUI colleague of exceptional merit. Each speaker will share the wisdom gained, and distill a life of inquiry, reflection and service into important guidance for successive generations. Jim Lemons has more wisdom than most anyone else.

Summer 2011
Leah Gonzalez at the Venice Biennale — part two

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