book discussion
Barb’s Banned Books

This month we will be reading Alison Bechdel's graphic memoir Fun Home. In 2014 the South Carolina House of Representatives considered cutting funding for the College of Charlston's summer reading program simply for including Bechdel's memoir for a reading program.

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Indy Midsommer Festival 2017

IMF is a European-style celebration of the Summer Solstice, or Midsommer. The event will feature ethnic food, drink, dancing, singing, live European folk & rock music, and a traditional bonfire lighting at dusk! Children 15 & under are FREE - Tickets available Now!: Save $2 If You Purchase Online!

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film and discussion
Inocente Documentary Screening

Despite her sometimes bleak surroundings, her brightly colored art represents a world of survival, love and hope

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Religious Landscape: Sacred Spaces in Indianapolis

For many people, the most important place in their lives is where they worship with friends, family, and fellow believers. The symbols and architecture of houses of worship are meant to draw the faithful closer to the Divine. Join Charlie Wiles as we learn more about the wide variety of these important places in the greater Indianapolis area.

author talk
Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Major internal conflict has plagued Afghanistan for four decades. The U.S., for its part, has conducted military operations in the country nearly continuously since 9/11. Today, war with the Taliban persists, and tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan have gradually deteriorated. As his time in office drew to a close, President Obama limited further withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The incoming administration has a choice: will it maintain the status quo, completely reverse the Obama administration drawdown or withdraw completely? Does the U.S. face a no win situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

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Get IndyVolved

Looking to plug in or get connected? At IndyVolved, you'll have the opportunity to connect with more than 100 non-profit and civically-minded organizations with diverse areas of focus and all kinds of ways to get involved. It isn’t unlike a science fair meets summer festival meets class reunion, and it's absolutely free to attend.

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dinner and talk
Indianapolis Hip Hop Green Dinner

You are invited to share in a sit down dinner prepared by a professional chef and experience entertainment from top hip hop artists on the forefront of the health and wellness movement

business talk
Lagers & Leaders: Why Indy?

Enlightening conversation is brewing as we speak. Join us as we welcome Wendy Stein with Roche Diagnostics Operations. Raise a pint to what makes Indy so the leaders who are shaping the course of Indy's future. No need to be fancy - jeans welcome.

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FilmHack [ ViDeO vOcAb ] Workshop and screening

WHAT'S #FILMHACK? It's for creatives, makers, and community people to come together to develop media skills, critical thinking, and connections.

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June 2017 Meeting for RESULTS Indy Global

RESULTS Indianapolis is comprised of two chapters: one global and the other domestic. We often work together though. While this event is specific to global activities, all are welcome! If you want to learn more about domestic activities, please feel free to ask.

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Race Away from Domestic Violence

Join us on June 3 at City Market for the 14th annual 5K Race Away From Domestic Violence. Proceeds benefit the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent and eliminate domestic violence in Indiana. Register online - in advance, adults $28 with tshirt, $20 without; youth (12 and under) $20 with tshirt, $15 without – day of event, adults and youth $25 (no t-shirt).

music performance
Our Reply to Violence (Refugee Benefit Concert)

Come hear some beautiful performances of classical music by professional musicians in our community, who are donating their time and services to help raise funds for refugees at the Exodus Refugee Organization!

Freedom Rally – We The People

We are celebrating our consitution and the freedoms that it gives us! Join us to listen to various speakers and to check out like minded organizations from around our great state. More details to come!

art exhibit
Art Workshops with Inocente ages 8+

Register your child for art workshop sessions with Inocente Izucar! Children will learn to paint with the expressive style that Inocente lends to all her work, and will take home their creations.