Summer talking
Fatherhood Forum – Job Readiness

Damon Spight thoughtfully analyzes policies that might help restore trust in fatherhood and community economic development

Talking food policy
What is the Indy Food Council?

Jim Rawlinson finally figures out what the Indy Food Council is up to

“Understanding SNAP” @ INRC

Sarah Gerke proposes that “it takes a village to raise a healthy individual, a health community,” but the village should be bigger than 3 people

foreign policy videos
Lee Hamilton on law after 9/11

Meredith Ollier wants teachers to help their students to think critically about what Lee Hamilton didn't say

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Fair Food with Growing Places Indy

Meredith Lizza asks: is no food or an increase in number of people suffering from food insecurity a consequence we are willing to suffer by demanding “better” food?

more policy videos
A Conversation on Urban Transportation

Brad Gottschlich is challenged to think of the transit issue as a philanthropic development, not just about building rails, but creating a better quality of life within the community

making a better Indy
Indy Re-Zone @ the Athenaeum

Jim Rawlinson is glad he was part of the Indy ReZone process, but wishes he had been present earlier, when the real decisions were made

Policy shaping in Indiana
Family/Economy Research to Practice: Oklahoma and Beyond

Chris Moeller realizes that if it means strengthening families, Indiana could look to Oklahoma for examples ... what do we have to lose?

Summertime deep thoughts
Impact of Hoosier Muslims’ Social and Political Engagement with Public Officials on Local Politics and Policy

Fady Qaddoura reflects on a Ramadan tradition dating back to Jefferson when he attends Carmel and Fishers Ramadan Mayor’s Iftar Events, and the Indiana Governor Iftar Event

Conversations Summer 2014
New Crowdfunding Rules Change the Game

Shane Springer ponders how investors and entrepreneurs will respond to an opening of the playing field

Summertime 2014
Maternal naturalization

The Fourth of July becomes more personal for Sarah Gerke after her mother decides to become an American citizen

comments on policy videos
The Woman Question: From Suffrage to Abortion and Beyond

Christopher Moeller views an informative overview of the abortion debate through the lens of a Consistent Life Ethic

Make Change!
ROWport (2014)- Reconnecting to Our Waterways

Jamison Hutchins reports on Reconnecting to Our Waterways and its ROW-port 2014

Spring Conversations
Industrial Workers of the World: One Big Union

Jason Hidy visits with a new union that is also one of the world's oldest.

Talk with social innovators
Kahfii rules @ the Ain’t Too Late Show

Kahfii King discovers a fun and competitive way to think about green living

beyond our borders
OBAT Helpers Photo Exhibit a Window to a Hoosier Ambassador

AJ Feeney-Ruiz says many good things about Katie Basbagill (all of the words well deserved)

Events inspiring innovation
Creative Placemaking Workshop at the Eiteljorg Museum

Paula Katz makes her way to a place full of creatives to learn about creative placemaking

Insightful talks
Global trends in 3rd sector accountability

A talk about accountability in the nonprofit sector leads Nick Kappas to want a dialogue about how to fix it.

Real social entrepreneurs
The Latino Youth Collective

Jangmin Kim takes a look at one of Indy's more innovative social enterprises

Seeking social justice
Indianapolis Education House Party

Matt Impink learns things he may already have known about community + school connections, transparency of educational choices, and rigorous vocational education

Thought-provoking art
“Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism”

Katelyn wishes a poster expresses how she feels about Walmart

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
GHSIG Hunger Banquet

AJ Feeney-Ruiz discovers that it might be more fun to be poor on the floor than rich and at the table

Essential initiative
Brian Payne on cultural entrepreneurs in Indy

The June 19 Indy Star carried a thoughtful piece about cultural entrepeneurs by Brian Payne ... who as head of the Central Indiana Community Foundation has provided moral and financial support to many of the cultural entrepreneurs in the city. Brian's article suggests a subset of cultural entrepreneurs: global cultural entrepreneurs, who use the arts to build up community around the world as well as in Indy ... and who perhaps use the arts to strengthen links between Indy and the world.

Manufactured Landscapes

Lacey Berkshire realizes how the world is being reshaped by your clothes.

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science and technology
Science on Tap present Selma Šabanović: Social Robotics

Braco Demirovic contemplates morality with a huggable robot

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global politics
Sudanese Surprise: An Evening with John Ashworth and Bishop Paride Taban

It is amazing to think that these men were able to be recruited at the last minute to speak in Indianapolis, making the trip down from Notre Dame for the evening.

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Indianapolis immigration simulation

Kristin Rogers learns that with the right advantages she might be a pretty good immigrant

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culture & the arts
“Forgotten” — Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

Keri Datillo experiences 2 of Indy's treasures, Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

local meets global
Greenwood’s Hearts for Haiti ministry

Atlantis Richter shows how Haiti is helping Johnson County go global

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Conferences & conversations
We Are City — Summit

The We Are City conference on Friday, September 31st first and foremost, was located in the most depressing space I have ever been in, the gymnasium at the Harrison Center for the Arts.  The…

provocative conversations
Crime Stopper Shred-It

Chelsea watches identity theft be prevented, one shred at a time

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religions and spirituality
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a new exhibit running from November 2nd through January 13th, 2013. Featuring more than 250 objects, the Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture encompasses…

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food issues
Chicken Biryani and Conversation at New India

Valerie Khokhar experiences strange manifestations of Indian civilization in Indiana.

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coming to Indiana
Burmese American Community Institute

Teresa Jones explores some of the newest of newcomers to Indianapolis

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“How to Do Things with Pindar’s Words”

"I think this guy would be a good professor and that IUPUI would be lucky to have him. "

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World-changers speak
Senator Lugar at Marian University

Caleb Marley attends a graceful speech by a retired statesman

build a better indy
A Community’s Vision

Emily Bales contributes to a vision of her neighborhood being much better

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Spring 2014
ICWA discusses great decisions about food and climate change

Katelyn Utley hears a great expert give a great talk about a Great Decision

Fall 2013
How Does the Proposed Gay-Marriage Amendment Affect Local Business?

Kathy Pataluch ponders what the Hoosiers of 2033 will think of the current efforts to stop same-sex marriage equality

Summer 2013
First Friday @ Primary Colours

Jenny SKehan enjoys art that's too big for one bite

Spring 2013
Polar Plunge

David Willard invites all to join him in freezing for a good cause

Fall 2012
Creating a sense of urgency, determination, and mission

Story after story of women empowered to make a difference in their community motivated the group; creating a sense of urgency, determination, and mission, along with a vision of hope. If one person has the ability make a difference in such harsh conditions, surely those of us who are more fortunate can contribute as well.

Spring 2012
Deb Lafata takes a trip to the Eiteljorg

One of Indy’s great global institutions is also one of its most local: The Eiteljorg Museum of the American West. SPEA Scholar Deb Lafata reports on her first visit to the…

Spring 2012
SPEA Scholar Sara Chonaiew asks: Are You Ready for Eco Labeling?

Carola Grebitus shared results from her recent research on consumers’ willingness to purchase more environmentally friendly products, specifically those with reduced carbon and water footprints. How would more eco-labelling change consumer behavior?

Summer 2011
What we need to know to start doing something about trafficking

On July 12, the second of the four Community Conversations organized by SPEA globalization grad students addressed human trafficking. Leah Gonzalez pulls together much of the information the team assembled to help the audience understand what we can and must do.

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