Summer talking
A Night of Peace with the People of Peace

Damon Spight and his friend Aristotle join a group of young professionals who are seeking new paths to peace

Talking food policy
Policy Measures: Change My Climate, Change My Plate

Shane Spring reports on a thought-provoking event organized by his SPEA classmates

“Understanding SNAP” @ INRC

Sarah Gerke proposes that “it takes a village to raise a healthy individual, a health community,” but the village should be bigger than 3 people

foreign policy videos
Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

Lacey Berkshire gives some very good reasons why everyone should want to watch a video about reasons for hope in Iran

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Fair Food with Growing Places Indy

Meredith Lizza asks: is no food or an increase in number of people suffering from food insecurity a consequence we are willing to suffer by demanding “better” food?

more policy videos
Politics and Policies of Animal Welfare

Christopher Moeller considers how students can learn about animal welfare from a smart Purdue professor

making a better Indy
Summertime Pitchfeast

Chris Moeller experiences some of the great ideas bubbling in Indy at June's Pitchfeast

Policy shaping in Indiana
Columbus City Council meeting part 2

Jayme Zobrist listens to rational choices at work when the public in Columbus says what they think

Summertime deep thoughts
5×5 hosted by People for Urban Progress

While she may not have liked the winner, Meredith Lizza thought the competition was great

Conversations Summer 2014
New Crowdfunding Rules Change the Game

Shane Springer ponders how investors and entrepreneurs will respond to an opening of the playing field

Summertime 2014
Maternal naturalization

The Fourth of July becomes more personal for Sarah Gerke after her mother decides to become an American citizen

comments on policy videos
Thoughts on “Civic Responsibility: The Constitution”

Fady Qaddoura watches a video of Alexis de Tocqueville being misconstrued and adapted to the 21st century

Make Change!
Amnesty Indy

Eric Linville joins a meeting of fighters for freedom who've been at it for a very long time.

Spring Conversations
Sparks of Human Rights in Nigeria’s External Relations

Christopher Moeller hears an under-publicized resource of the Law School

Talk with social innovators
Human impact on the environment

Environmental Impact = Population (x) Affluence (x) Technology, or I = PxAxT ... Nick Kappas learns important math, and wishes he could ask questions

beyond our borders
OBAT Helpers Photo Exhibit a Window to a Hoosier Ambassador

AJ Feeney-Ruiz says many good things about Katie Basbagill (all of the words well deserved)

Events inspiring innovation
Venture Club meeting

Trish Donovan explains why it's good to be outgoing

Insightful talks
A Visit to Hong Kong University: A field report by Prof. Eric Meslin

Adelina Chilundo discovers that the field of bioethics needs policy analysts like her

Real social entrepreneurs
Microfunding @ PitchFeast

Kacie Newhouse wants to get more people to hear the pitches at PitchFeast

Seeking social justice
Standing For The Community In Indianapolis

Christopher Moeller learns how little the rest of the community understands those who are standing up for it

Thought-provoking art
Installation Nation

Katelyn Utley marvels at installations colonizing the Arts Center

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
The Culinary Collage to take a bite out of poverty

Kacie Newhouse realizes that for small nonprofits, big fundraisers can be as important for making new friends as raising funds

Essential initiative
A great global+local job opening!

This is the first job listed on the GLobal Indy website, and it’s a good one. The Lafayette Square area (38th and Lafayette Rd – the NW Side of Indy) is in the midst of a very positive transformation and the new leader being sought will be right in the midst of it all –building on the strength and diversity of 100 international restaurants and growing interest from the broader community. Visitors to this website know about Big Car’s a new location on Lafayette Road north of 38th street. Creating an International Marketplace for the neighborhood requires a leader who can build a strong multi-cultural community.

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Back to the Garden: Flower Power Comes Full Circle

Personally, I would have liked the discussion to center more on the natural farming techniques exhibited or the agriculture ideologies presented within the documentary.

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science and technology
Toxoplasmosis @ Science on Tap

Tyler Lee learns how to make cat urine turn on girl mice

global politics
Shunji Cui: US & China, Why We Need Each Other

James Rawlinson returns to his alma mater to explore what isn't being discussed about China

The intersection of race, religion, and sexual identity

Kristin Rogers discovers being a straight white is no obstacle to learning

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culture & the arts
“Forgotten” — Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

Keri Datillo experiences 2 of Indy's treasures, Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

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local meets global
Half the Sky

Katharine Murphy recommends a book, and tells you what to do with it

Conferences & conversations
Genealogy for nightowls in Johnson County

Alissa Feilen goes to the library late at night to learn about how to learn about her family

provocative conversations
Peopling Indianapolis: History of the Ethnic Populations of the Hoosier Capital

Leigh Anne Eliott learns about immigration in Marion County from one of its finest historians

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religions and spirituality
A Progressive Case Against Church-State Separation

Maria Rooijakkers realizes: To my surprise, Lew Daly made an excellent argument.

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food issues
A cool Saturday @ Binford

Lex Fay enjoys the Market so much, he gets his parents to join him

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coming to Indiana

The rustic, unfinished look of the structures that the pictures hung from went nicely with the photos and the rest of the aesthetics of the Earth House.

Related To This Article
Dr. Rachel Armstrong wants your light to come from bacteria.

Cristina Bacor meets a designer who believes Nature can be our teacher rather than a threat

World-changers speak
Conversation with Indianapolis Prize winner Steve Amstrup

Amstrup made some very good points about the role of businesses in slowing down climate change. He believes that large corporations have to be the first ones to make significant changes. Once they do, others (including the government) will follow along.

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build a better indy
Appetites whetted for SUMMIT (and more beer)

Ideas were indeed exchanged, challenged, and hopefully as a result, will be refined. If there were any hiccups, they were hidden behind the veneer of the event (and perhaps the haze of a few beers).

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Spring 2014
Rev. Charles Harrison and the 10 Point Coalition

Christopher Moeller meets a minister and plans to walk the streets

Fall 2013
Recognizing and Empowering the Next Generation

Leigh Anne Elliott marvels at the extraordinary creativity of ordinary kids who are changing the world

Summer 2013
Don’t expect to buy beaver meat @ Binford

Jacleen Joiner visits "Leave it to Beaver"-land

Spring 2013
Freedom Center – Half the Sky Special Exhibit

One wall was entirely covered by how museum goers had been inspired by the exhibit and what they were going to do to make a discernible change. It was refreshing to read the cards of young and old, male and female.

Fall 2012
Lugar on threats to international security

He identified 1)Russia/Ukraine/Georgia, 2)Africa- specifically Kenya and Uganda, and 3) Southeast Asia

Spring 2012
Derek Weaver, Deb Lafata, Joseph Habig & Brent Willoughby review “Kinyarwanda”

As prelude to the Indiana Genocide Prevention Summit on March 31, the award-winning film Kinyarwanda was screened in Earth House. Present were the film’s director Alrick Brown, and the former Mufti of Rwanda, Sheikh Saleh Hamibana. SPEA Scholar Deb Lafata reports on the power and hopefulness of the film and discussion.

Spring 2012
Jessica Roberts to examine the imapct of globalization on schooling in Indiana

Global forces shape 21st century education in many different ways. Schools in Indiana have to know and care very much about how schools teach students in other countries because more and more of those…

Summer 2011
Autumn Lowry examines Indy on the edge of the next boom town

New Geographer Joel Kotkin blogs about a new study he has written with Mark Schill of the consulting firm Praxis Strategy. Of the country's 52 largest metro areas, the study asks, which are likeliest to prosper in the coming decade? How does Indy rank? Autumn Lowry analyzes what it might mean.

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