problems beyond our borders
Images of OBAT helping in Bangladesh

Kacie Newhouse wants more people in Indy to feel the same empowerment seen in the photos of Urdu-speakers in Bangladesh

Events inspiring innovation
Richard Blanco — One America

The Inaugural Poet inspires Matt Impink to transcend his life story so he can share it with others

Insightful talks
Global trends in 3rd sector accountability

A talk about accountability in the nonprofit sector leads Nick Kappas to want a dialogue about how to fix it.

Real social entrepreneurs
Giving Sum + The Facing Project

Jason Hidy discovers two great organizations, Giving Sum and the Facing Project (and an alternate view of the event is expressed)

Seeking social justice
Urban Roots and discussion

Christopher Moeller learns about food and social justice in a run-down carpenters union building

Thought-provoking art
Discovering Brazil Through Hip-Hop

Jason Hidy goes to the Library and discovers Capoeira and Cultural Cannibals

history lessons
Peopling Indianapolis: History of the Ethnic Populations of the Hoosier Capital

Leigh Anne Eliott learns about immigration in Marion County from one of its finest historians

desmond tutu and friends
Butler offers Tutu up as living relic rather than leader

Night honors Tutu’s accomplishments and social position but neglects to highlight the changes he wishes to see in Indianapolis and the United States.

Tough topics
Kiwanis, Unlocking Opportunities Worldwide

Erin McCarthy ponders the future of membership organizations as so much more is being asked of nonprofits

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fall conferences
The Human Element: Our Role in Fighting Health Disparities

Megan Rouse reflects on how passion, anger and effort can open healthcare access to more people

global + local
Should We Be Global Citizens?

Rose Timpe raises the possibility that to be an American citizen may mean thinking globally

local meets global
Sen. Donnelly speaks to constituents

Alex Ostrovsky listens to Sen. Joe Donnelly evolve his views on intervention in Syria

religions and spirituality
Enlightenment on 96th Street

Erin McCarthy discovers alternate religious rootfor philanthropy

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provocative conversations
Friendly Fire: Sexual Assault in the Military

Rachel Hatfield examines one of the most serious threats to the US military

coming to Indiana
Immigrant Welcome Center

Kathy Pataluch marvels at how we can expect to serve everyone in Indianapolis when everyone speaks more than 90 languages

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essential organizations
Tzu Chi Foundation

Meghan Rouse experiences alternate religious roots of philanthropy and authentic Chinese food

movie reviews
Reading “Paradise Now” in the dark

Teresa Benz watches a movie about violence that forces her to read, and think

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hunger (banquet and more)
Hunger Pains

Caitlin Johns learns about deprivation while sitting on the floor in a Hunger Banquet

global fests
Oktoberfest vs. Germanfest: Two distinct opportunities to celebrate German culture in Indianapolis

Ryan Roth digs into the subtle nuances of two celebrations of Indy's German-ness

autumn festivals
Greek Fest: A 40-Year-Old Tradition

Kathy Patalach reflects on how her sorority prepared her to understand an important part of Indy's heritage

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even more fall festivals
Indy Irish Fest

Stephen Woodruff discovers a new use of the word "hurling" at an Irish festival

fall fun
Hoosier Outdoor Experience

Caleb Marley immerses himself in the local treasure of Fort Ben, and catches a glimpse of the world

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making the world better
OBAT Helpers

Rachel Hatfield discovers how big an impact a few people can have