My Unintended Contribution to the City of Indianapolis

Oh and for that “unintended contribution to the City of Indianapolis”… I got a parking ticket! I hope my $20 provided a few cents of funding for the Plan 2020 and/or for the fellows’ well-crafted plans!

Electing our future: How does Indianapolis Work?

This event was the most educational event I have ever been to in Indianapolis. The idea of the event was to educate people on the basics operational structure of Indianapolis and tell the history of Indianapolis.

Open Door Committee: Good Luck

"ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council or since its almost Christmas—Santa. ALEC passes out Christmas presents to good little politicians and often hands coal and legislative barricades to those who defy it."

Living Memorial

If this new generation of civic leaders wants to be as successful as past generations in social change, they will need to understand the importance of getting out from behind their computers and engaging in traditional forms of activism and civic engagement. By combining both new and established techniques of activism, civic leaders will be able to make significant gains in solving some of the most pressing issues facing our world today.

Festivals in Fall
When You Think of Fountain Square…

All in all, Art Squared is a great event for those looking for a fun day in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city. It certainly does a good job of reminding people of the strengths of Fountain Square and the counter-culture identity that helped reclaim the neighborhood.

Is it possible for the science deniers and scientist to ever come to a consensus on policy issues?

Pastor Farley also believes that it is a Christian’s duty to be a steward of the earth. This is a growing segment of Christians that are rarely referred to in the Climate Change debate. Maybe if more of these Eco-friendly believers would speak out more would join the ranks.

Foreign policy
Who Should Help the Syrian Refugees? …It’s Complicated

The crisis in Syria is one that must be addressed. Global leaders are faced with very difficult decisions and will likely face scrutiny no matter which path they choose. Although the situation is complicated, leaders must keep in mind that the daily struggles of Syrian refugees are far more complicated than most could ever imagine.

Films and conversation
Battling Islamophobia in the United States

Edina was then asked what can be done be the attacks happen? Her answer was simple, get involved in your community.

Table conversations
Conversing at the Festival of Faiths

Out of all the tables, this conversation got to the heart of why everyone had gathered. While the other tables examined how free speech can be challenged by faith or bolstered by faith, the table on diversity in religion was a microcosm of the day.

The Cultural Entrepreneur: Taking A Risk and Getting it Right –Review

However these lessons are important for every area of life, whether with one’s children or spouse, or just in general. Overall I believe this was a very good TEDx speech.


As the threat and horror of Ebola splashed across new stations all over the United States just a year ago, it seemed to have disappeared with just as much warning as it came. Ellen Einterz, a director of the Kolofata District Hospital in Cameroon, along with the Medical Humanities and Health Studies Department, explain just what that atrocious time was like in Africa and where the urgent threat to combat it went.

“Do I have to bake you a cake?”

This panel discussion was an excellent way to shed a legal light on a hot topic issue that has been circling around Indiana and the country. Although the two sides ended agreeing to disagree and no resolution was met, it is conversations and forums such as these that encourage an educated and well-rounded dialogue.

Truth & Reconciliation with Native American

Attean and Altvater share their stories to bring about the need for recognition of our country’s history and the truth of what our legislation on groups of people has done. They emphasize the need for these discussions to occur so that people can recognize the pain that others have lived through, not just for political reasons or monetary reparations, but because it promotes healing on both sides.

Global Videos
Russia and Ukraine- Is Reconciliation Possible?

The lecture given by Father Cyril not only focused on the Church, but also on the importance of the 2013 Maidan protest that brought down a dictator. Father Cyril believes that the expression of the protest was against “Stalinism,” and for “freedom and dignity.”

OBAT Helpers
Bangladesh: The Abandoned and Forgotten

There are 160 million people in Bangladesh and 148 million in Pakistan. And there are 300,000 Bihari people in the camps. So the issue is very doable.

Spirit & Place
I have a Dream….about Indianapolis

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once gave a sermon at Saint John’s Missionary Baptist Church, in Indianapolis. It is only fitting that during this year's Spirit and Faith Festival, St. John’s decided to host an I Have a Dream event. This is the 20th anniversary for the Spirit and Faith Festival, and this year’s theme was “Dream”.

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Indiana politicking

We are nine days away from electing the 49th mayor of Indianapolis. Have you decided whom you are going to vote for in the election; or do you even plan to vote?

Newcomers to Indy
Dreamers, Workers & Entrepreneurs: Immigrants in Indiana Review

"I do believe that the fears and anxieties and misunderstandings of Americans who do not like immigrants were not properly addressed in this panel. They were very dismissive of any negative questions. It is hard to explain your point of view effectively if you do not respect the other side’s opinion."

Giving & Living

One of their strategies to accomplish this was to identify and nurture young professional leaders in their civic engagement journey.

Movements for change
Beyond Coal

Nearly 88% of all Marion County based air pollution can be traced back to the Harding Street Coal Firing Plant

What influences people’s perspectives on public transportation?

Research shows that when considering public transportation, both transit users and car drivers want to have a relaxing journey, a comfortable place to sit on the vehicle, and an atmosphere free from unpleasant smells and invasive crowds

Loving Sheila K
Sheila Kennedy Promotes a Just Society during Last Lecture

When the lecture was over, Ms. Kennedy received a standing ovation from the crowd. When asked by an attendee how she suggests promoting civil responsibility without polarization, Ms. Kennedy stated that she believes it starts with attacking systemic issues that strengthen and encourage a balanced democratic system.

Eva Kor
Eva Mozes Kor — Forgiveness After Agony

Eva is inspiring. She made me want to hug everyone I saw. Her message made me want to forgive the people I resent in my life, and most importantly, she gave me hope for humanity.

Indy policy videos

In conclusion I think teaching is key for our younger generations especially with all these distractions there is in the world now days. Effectiveness and common sense will play a huge factor if they want to have teachers learn these new ways to teach because of the future.

More analytics
Are lobbyists a societal evil?

Now the question remains, can lobbying ever be a positive in society? Most Americans would be shocked to discover that many social service agencies employee advocates and lobbyists.

I.U.P.U.I. Students With an Eye to the Future

What will Indiana look like in two hundred years?