Challenging rallies
RFRA: Every Dog Has Its Day

"If, on the other hand, this is used as an opportunity for communication – if citizens and representatives, Democrats and Republicans get a better handle on how to work with and for one another – the RFRA, disaster that it was, might end up being the best thing that ever happened to Indiana."

IPL Mayor’s Lunch for Parks

"Parks are not only a place for young children to run off their energy, in fact, all walks of life enjoy the opportunity to become one with nature through various activities."

Conferring together
Justice, Justice How Shall Ye Perceive?

If they had any disagreements they did not bring them out into the open and I think it would have been better if they did. It seemed to me like they were preaching to the choir.

Consider This
Consider This: Putin and Ukraine Part 1 & 2

April 25th 2014 — On Consider This, the guest was Tim Boyd (Union Bible College & Academy), Terry Simmons and John Clark as discussants, and Sam Graves hosting. Tim Boyd has spent years in different parts of Ukraine as a missionary.

Contested topics
The Innocence Project

"Detroit had found 400,000 untested rape kits in the city, and no one could test the DNA to make sure the right person was in jail."

Observing a City-County Council meeting

"Overall the event was great. It was a wonderful opportunity to actually see policy in process and becoming law for Indianapolis."

Critically viewed videos
Reva Siegel- The Woman Question: From Suffrage to Abortion and Beyond

. The majority of her speech walks through the legal history of how abortion has been treated in the United States, highlighting key cases, such as Roe v. Wade, the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), and the stronghold of Catholicism viewpoints in society.

Experts on video
Causes and Cures of Racial Disparities in Sentencing and Imprisonment

Black offenders are sentenced somewhat more harshly than whites and punished much more severely. These patterns are deeply unjust for the people they directly affect and pose a major obstacle to realization of the national goals of social, political, and economic equality.

Hearing voices
Staying Awake Through a Great Revolution

"Dr. Hill said that ... less than 20% of the African-American population participated in the fight for their own rights... I was convinced that I needed to do more and as much as possible to fight against the injustices going on in my community and the world around me."

Indy on video
Town Hall Meeting: “Early Education And Public Safety Initiative”

You might think to yourself, what are the organizers trying to achieve? I think they are trying to imbed into everyone’s head that crime is a result of a lack of education.

International videos
Lugar and Nunn on “Diplomacy in a Dangerous World”

"I would’ve also liked to hear more about the risks posed by nuclear weapons in the former Soviet countries, particularly pertaining to their possible acquisition by rogue actors and the situations in which rogue actors may utilize these nuclear weapons for malicious purposes."

Lectures worth listening to
Catholic Relief Services- Field Update from Front Lines: Most Pressing Humanitarian Emergencies Today

What surprised me the most about this issue, was how media can dictate what we know and do not know about the issue of the suffering in these countries.

Lectures worth listening to
2025: A Cyberspace Odyssey

"I did some research and found out that there are seven cyber security lobby organizations for all of Washington D.C that consist of eight donors. I typed the word “gun” into Open Secrets and found 288 organizations with 1236 donors."

New cultures
Indiana-Africa relations

"Mr. Joel’s sister was in attendance and shared what it was like for her to immigrate to Indiana, her main motivator being that she had other family who already had moved here, and she noted that it was not uncommon to leave the area you were raised in where she was from."

Speakers speaking
Revolutionizing Education in America – Dr. Steve Perry

'I believe in “compromise before killing” which simply means, let’s have conversations that will get us to compromise before we hack the method used to implement a public service.'

Talking and listening
CCAT on trafficking

" USA Today estimates that there are 2.4 million victims to human trafficking. There is no way to really know the entire total, because of so many people getting away with these crimes."

Thought-provoking films
Homelessness In Indianapolis

"I felt I was watching a Michael Moore film. Some of the film's arguments were not sound or valid. "

Tough talks
What Should Americans should know About ISIS?

Many people do not know what ISIS have done to Christians and minorities in Iraq, they gave Christians of Iraq three options, convert to Islam, pay jizya or death.

Words of wisdom
Stepping stones of women in leadership: Rafia Zakaria

More than one thousand women and girls murdered in honor killings every year and also it has been reported that 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence.

comments on policy videos
Peter Haas: Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Greg Stocking thoughtfully analyzes a new approach to transportation and housing

Make Change!
Paws & Think

Looking for a new activity where you can hang out with your dog and do some good for your community at the same time? Look no further than Paws and Think, an Indy non-profit focused on the “human-animal connection”

Spring Conversations
The Empire Never Ended

Matt Impink attends the opening of iMOCA's Philip K Dick-inspired exhibit, and somehow avoids getting in a hot tub with Prince Rama

Talk with social innovators
Kahfii rules @ the Ain’t Too Late Show

Kahfii King discovers a fun and competitive way to think about green living

beyond our borders
OBAT Helpers Photo Exhibit a Window to a Hoosier Ambassador

AJ Feeney-Ruiz says many good things about Katie Basbagill (all of the words well deserved)

Events inspiring innovation
How to Build a Nonprofit Organization: Building Blocks for Starting a 501(c)(3)

Alisha Borcherding reports on an event in which 35 people share the goal of not making profits

Insightful talks
Third Sector Accountability in Review

Bradley Gottschlich learns that thinking clearly about nonprofit accountability might require Intro to Philosophy

Real social entrepreneurs
Giving Sum Features The Facing Project

Katelyn Utley puts a face on volunteering with the Facing Project and Giving Sum

Seeking social justice
Second Helpings

Shawn Brickler discovers that not everything in the social sector functions perfectly

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Thought-provoking art
Discovering Brazil Through Hip-Hop

Jason Hidy goes to the Library and discovers Capoeira and Cultural Cannibals

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
GHSIG Hunger Banquet

AJ Feeney-Ruiz discovers that it might be more fun to be poor on the floor than rich and at the table

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Girl Rising — tough topics about girls in the world

Tiffany Tibbot gains a new appreciation for the pay-off to investments in girls

science and technology
Science on Tap present Selma Šabanović: Social Robotics

Braco Demirovic contemplates morality with a huggable robot

global politics
MayOo Mutraw Aye; hosted by

Corrin Harvey learns about democracy from Burma

West Washington Merchant Association

I was able to see effective community planning and how to engage people across cultural differences.

culture & the arts
Under African Skies

The film did a really good job of showing how this one album caused a huge stir in the political arena on a global scale. The documentary also did a great job of showcasing the relationship and layers between the album, the state of global affairs at the time, and the way music can really affect people and its purpose.

local meets global
Internationally Acclaimed Artist opens Undergraduate Exhibit at Herron

Campos-Pons explains four of her most popular and extensive installations to kick of the exhibit opening

Conferences and conversations
Individuals with Disabilities and Community Advocates Unite to Call for Livable Communities

The two-day event also featured community exhibitors, an Assistive Technology lab, and workshops with topics such as visitability, accessible transportation, and volunteer time banks

provocative conversations
Race and affirmative action

Ose Agho rethinks her views on race-based admittance practices

religions and spirituality
IMA’s Beauty & Belief

Of all the art exhibits I have seen, the Beauty and Belief Islamic art exhibit that the IMA is currently showing is easily one of the most mind-expanding. I am by no means an…

food issues
Indy’s Glocal Food Scene Seeks Cooking Partner

Elizabeth Darby imagines a better world (with a cooking school attached)

coming to Indiana
Indy Refugee exhibit

Some refugees are not so fortunate to escape, but they hope that one day the stars will align for them to experience prosperity and peace. The photos capture moments of joy and strife in both worlds, the third world country Myanmar and the ever-so-promising United States.

Lt. Dan Choi “Truth or Consequences”

Choi felt an incongruity with the message he was delivering to Muslims as a US military member and his own experience in the military. He was carrying a message to Muslims that the US wanted to bring all people of various religious groups together to end religious concealment within their country, yet he had to conceal his own orientation to serve this military institution.

World-changers speak
What to do next? It’s up to you

It is really the audience’s decision what they would like to do next. A platter really does not need to be hand fed to individuals to direct them to what they should do with all they’ve learned.

build a better indy
Moving about in Austin

Lex Fay learns about transit options in Austin TX

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Spring 2014
Big Car Wednesday conversations on collaboration among nonprofits

Caroline Tait visits one of Indy's most collaborative organizations

Fall 2013
A sunny day for the 2013 Indianapolis Chinese Festival

Leigh Anne Elliott searches for authenticity at the Chinese Festival

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Summer 2013
Enjoy Summer Cook-Out and Do Good

Min Qi discovers there's more to the Boy Scouts than controversy

Spring 2013
Presidential inauguration

Joseph Tanasovich was one of approximately 800,000 people from all over the world stopped what they were doing on January 21st, to witness the Presidential Inauguration.

Fall 2012
Indiana Youth Institute “Working with Hispanic Youth”

An excellent opportunity to learn about challenges facing our Hispanic and immigrant populations, meeting with representatives from sister organizations and seeing the space and opportunities available

Spring 2012
Jessica Roberts analyzes two articles on education and globalization

Says SPEA Scholar Jessica Roberts, “Providing quality cultural education has become among one of the most important needs in modern education because it gives students an advantage in the global workforce and the ability…

Spring 2012
Jake Jaworski previews a May 9 Hangzhou Sister City Celebration

SPEA Scholar Jake Jaworski previews a May 9th: Hangzhou Sister City Celebration of Shared Literature, Cultures and…

Summer 2011
Howard Anderson: Purdue’s Global Business Engagement Initiative Helps Indiana Cultivate Trade and Investment with China

In February 2011, Purdue University launched its Global Business Engagement Initiative (GBE) to help Indiana better cultivate global trade and investment opportunities, focusing initially on China. Even before the GBE, Indiana has had successes…

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