Summer talking
Solar Seminar @ Englewood Christian Church

Damon Spight explores technology and policy with pastors, laypersons of various religions, business owners, engineers, NAACP representatives, and residents of the immediate community.

Talking food policy
Making Food Safer: Breakfast Panel

Lacey Berkshire is dismayed that representatives of corporations seem to be the only people who care about food safety

Seasonal eating @ Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Damon Spight attends a focusing event at INRC

foreign policy videos
Pierre Atlas on “The Israeli — US Relationship”

Jim Rawlinson watches a video of his prescient professor Pierre Atlas

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy: Why is food waste a problem?

Meredith Lizza wonders if Americans would waste less food if they valued food the way it should be

more policy videos
“Voter ID Laws in America Today” @ IU Law School

Greg Stocking asks: "This conversation is larger that race. For example in Texas, hunting IDs are valid whereas student IDs are not. Does this disenfranchise certain voters? When early voting is cut back, how does this affect what groups come out to the polls?"

making a better Indy
Summertime Pitchfeast

Chris Moeller experiences some of the great ideas bubbling in Indy at June's Pitchfeast

Policy shaping in Indiana
Columbus City Council meeting part 1

Jayme Zobrist attends a meeting of the Columbus IN City Council, and wonders how bureaucratic theory can explain funding for bike trails

Summertime deep thoughts
An Evening at the PitchFeast

Bradley Gottschlich experience a FUNdraising event where even the losers are winners, and even the winners are asked tough questions.

Conversations Summer 2014
RESULTS Monthly Meeting

Kayla Druin discusses fighting poverty with local activists over a cup of Caribou Coffee.

Summertime 2014
An Example of “Never Give Up”

A visitor from the DC Beltway helps Kathy Pataluch learn more about Indy Connect emerging in her backyard

comments on policy videos
Air Quality and Children’s’ Health in Indiana

Greg Stocking observes as Dr. Girish Vitalpur tries to contribute to starting a policy conversation

Make Change!
Upward College for Chin Students

Matt Impink discovers a Gatsby-strength ambition to improve among college-bound Chin students

Spring Conversations
Former Indian Ambassador Opens up about Climate Change

Matt Impink wishes the word was disseminated wider and the talk had been peppier

Talk with social innovators
Young Nonprofit Professional Network: Third Thursday Huddle

Faren Jones gets up before dawn and meets some other great nonprofit early birds

beyond our borders
Displaced but Not Forgotten

Kahfii King learns how a woman bathing in the street could lead to the transformation of thousands of lives in Bangladesh.

Events inspiring innovation
SCORE Workshops

Trish Donovan realizes there is a lot to be said for in-person mentoring

Insightful talks
Global trends in 3rd sector accountability

A talk about accountability in the nonprofit sector leads Nick Kappas to want a dialogue about how to fix it.

Real social entrepreneurs
Global Gifts Assessment

Shadi Khoury contemplates how a three-legged pig might help save the world

Seeking social justice
Second Helpings

Shawn Brickler discovers that not everything in the social sector functions perfectly

Thought-provoking art
Discovering Brazil Through Hip-Hop

Jason Hidy goes to the Library and discovers Capoeira and Cultural Cannibals

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
A double dose of Brazil — Feijoada and Carnaval

Dan quackenbush goes from being Brazil-curious to a seasoned Brazil-veteran

Essential initiative
November 9: Social Entrepreneurship David Bornstein

Social entrepreneurship is a process by which citizens build or transform institutions to advance solutions to social problems, such as poverty, illness, illiteracy, environmental destruction, human rights abuses and corruption, in order to make life better for many. David Bornstein's How to Change the World examines instances of this concept in practice. It's the book selected for IUPUI's Common Theme, intended to shape discussions across schools and departments.

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A Story of Love Beyond the Heartland

Leigh Anne Elliott makes her first visit to the Heartland festival, and watches a truly moving picture

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science and technology
Daniela Bortoletto @ Science on Tap

Matthew Pope reports on a Science on Tap talk by Purdue physicist Daniela Bortoletto. Sixty people were briefed on the discovery of the Higgs boson, a project Prof. Bortoletto helped lead. Matthew raises additional questions, and leaves dangling a geeky joke about nuclear physics.

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global politics
“When I Meet You” A lecture and discussion led by Dr. Wei-Bin Zeng

Dr. Wei-Bin Zeng spoke about the “When I Meet You” art exhibition held this March in Beijing, a lecture sponsored by the China Philanthropy Leadership Initiative at IUPUI.

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Dreamapolis brought this concept to Indianapolis because it mirrors their goal to "invest in the people and ideas that will improve communities." The Speak Easy was a natural location to launch PitchFeast locally since it is a membership-club for entrepreneurs.

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culture & the arts
Lincoln Studies and Stuff

Bethany Gosewehr learns that Lincoln cared a lot about immigrants, maybe not so much vampires

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local meets global
Brits and Hoosiers

Matt Johnson meets the UK's ambassador while President Obama visits London

Conferences & conversations
National Journal Conference at the University of Virginia

The National Journal Conference has the potential to be a haven for discussions on student-led journals and public policy, and as it hosts the right kinds of speakers in the future, the Conference will undoubtedly serve as a fantastic outlet for sharing best practices and insight into running a truly effective policy journal at any university.

provocative conversations
Do the Arts Really Matter?

Kathy Pataluch reports that even if the preacher is preaching to the choir, that doesn't mean the sermon isn't true

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religions and spirituality
A Progressive Case Against Church-State Separation

Maria Rooijakkers realizes: To my surprise, Lew Daly made an excellent argument.

food issues
Dig IN, the Indiana Farm to Fork Celebration

This year’s series included topics like an overview of the federal farm bill, the importance of bees and an introduction to Slow Food Indy’s new Snail of Approval, a program aimed at recognizing farmers and chefs working toward sustainably-produced food in Indiana.

coming to Indiana
Burmese Refugee Community in Indianapolis

An opportunity for people to learn a little more about the refugee’s life in the United States, as well as see what Indianapolis is doing for these populations.

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“Unfinished Business” & Irish Republicanism

Dr. White ... explained that to the people he’s spoken to and interacted with, it does not have much to do with religion. They frame it as an “anti-imperialist” conflict.

World-changers speak
Just as captivating in person as in her book

WuDunn and Kristof advocate for empowerment by economic means, through education, overcoming prostitution, violence and sex trafficking, and by solving the issues with maternal mortality

build a better indy
Committing to Indy

Matthew concludes that Indianapolis IS getting better with a new building project

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Spring 2014
PitchFeast: Pitching and Feasting, Both Fun

Rebecca Scheer ponders what it would take to get more $5 bills into worthy hands

Fall 2013
Nicky’s Family: Why do we watch Holocaust films?

Rachel Hatfield realizes that unnoticed acts of heroism can have ripple effects across decades.

Summer 2013
The Influence of Cutlery on Food Taste

Jacleen Joiner wonders if people would eat more healthily if we give them pink sporks.

Spring 2013
Trafficking in India

Masum learns about women in India from engaged Hoosiers

Fall 2012
The Platform : Indy’s Neighborhood Development hub

Indianapolis is one of the largest cities in america that currently doesn’t have a design center. To combat this, the City of Indianapolis partnered with the local LISC chapter to repurpose an area of…

Spring 2012
Brent Willoughby on “Developing Legitimacy in the Sub-Saharan African”

SPEA Scholar Brent Willoughby starts with the problems of legitimacy facing regimes in Africa. He ponders whether partnerships with Western — Hoosier — organizationscan contribute to new forms of leadership and legitimation.

Spring 2012
Patricia Jordan asks: Who is this cultural cyber genius, John Gosney?

John Gosney is coming to Butler to talk about the intersection of technology and storytelling. SPEA Scholar Patricia Jordan explains why this is cool.

Summer 2011
Howard Anderson: Purdue’s Global Business Engagement Initiative Helps Indiana Cultivate Trade and Investment with China

In February 2011, Purdue University launched its Global Business Engagement Initiative (GBE) to help Indiana better cultivate global trade and investment opportunities, focusing initially on China. Even before the GBE, Indiana has had successes…

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