Tough talks
George Takei ≠ Sulu

"An event like this makes me feel privileged that I have the opportunity to hear from speakers such as George Takei to talk about his life and advocacy work as a Japanese-American and a homosexual."

Lectures worth listening to
“What Americans Should Know About ISIS/ISIL” Event Review

Instead of using weapons and war to address these disaffected people, Dr. Carlson challenged us to think of interfaith cooperation and relationship building as a way to tackle the toxic ideologies espoused by these organizations.

Conferences conversations
“We Love Our Libraries” CEO tour

"It’s interesting how even today my generation is unaware of some of the new things coming up in the digital world."

Thought-provoking films
“I am Anita Hill”

“I am Anita Hill too.” said the panelist. This comment took a few seconds to register. I am Anita Hill too? There is only one Anita Hill. Right?

Challenging rallies
“Muslims For Peace” rally

Many speakers and guests of different backgrounds gathered together on IUPUI’s campus to talk about the importance of peace in the Middle East as well as around the world.

Indy on video
Town Hall Meeting: “Early Education And Public Safety Initiative”

You might think to yourself, what are the organizers trying to achieve? I think they are trying to imbed into everyone’s head that crime is a result of a lack of education.

International videos
Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

November 13 2013 — Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, founder and director of the Middle East Program at the Wilson Center discusses prospects for a rapprochement between Iran and US and the problems President Rouhani faces at home.

Critically viewed videos
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

What can we do to cut down on crime and protect our communities when the police aren’t around?

Summer talking
A Night of Peace with the People of Peace

Damon Spight and his friend Aristotle join a group of young professionals who are seeking new paths to peace

Talking food policy
Making Food Safer: Breakfast Panel

Lacey Berkshire is dismayed that representatives of corporations seem to be the only people who care about food safety

The Lovings’ story of their loving marriage

Kayla Druin is provoked by a film about the story of the interracial marriage of Lovings, and wishes other members of the audience were less provoked.

foreign policy videos
Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

Lacey Berkshire gives some very good reasons why everyone should want to watch a video about reasons for hope in Iran

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy: Why is food waste a problem?

Meredith Lizza wonders if Americans would waste less food if they valued food the way it should be

more policy videos
A Conversation on Urban Transportation

Brad Gottschlich is challenged to think of the transit issue as a philanthropic development, not just about building rails, but creating a better quality of life within the community

making a better Indy
Indy Re-Zone @ the Athenaeum

Jim Rawlinson is glad he was part of the Indy ReZone process, but wishes he had been present earlier, when the real decisions were made

Policy shaping in Indiana
Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, and Human Services

Lacey Berkshire is dismayed to learn how hard it for the state is to help identify and treat toddlers with visual impairment

Summertime deep thoughts
Pitching and feasting @ Speak Easy

Meredith Lizza witnsees a piece of community developing at the Speak Easy

Conversations Summer 2014
The Benjamin Harrison Home Naturalization Ceremony

Bradley Gottschlich is pleased to share an important experience with newly minted US who followed all the rules

Summertime 2014
India: Raise the Roof

Lacey Berkshire witnesses Katie Basbagill's final exhibit as a resident of Indianapolis

comments on policy videos
Air Quality and Children’s’ Health in Indiana

Greg Stocking observes as Dr. Girish Vitalpur tries to contribute to starting a policy conversation

Make Change!
Upward College for Chin Students

Matt Impink discovers a Gatsby-strength ambition to improve among college-bound Chin students

Spring Conversations
“Holding Cell” @ Shining Light

Cari Petty joins a handful of people to learn new ways to destigmatize youthful drug abuse

Talk with social innovators
Hope Seekers forum @ Herron

Eric Linville comes away from a photography exhibit wanting to learn more about the orphans

beyond our borders
OBAT Helpers Continues to Make Sure the Biharis Aren’t “Forgotten”

A little information about the Urdu-speaking Biharis in Bangladesh makes Rebecca Scheer yearn to learn more

Events inspiring innovation
SCORE Workshops

Trish Donovan realizes there is a lot to be said for in-person mentoring

Insightful talks
A Conversation with Dr. Lewis Ferebee

The Indianapolis Public Library together with WFYI coordinated a conversation with Dr. Lewis Ferebee, superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, on the evening of April 21 as part of their ongoing series, Conversations about Education,…

Real social entrepreneurs
The Latino Youth Collective

Jangmin Kim takes a look at one of Indy's more innovative social enterprises

Seeking social justice
Human trafficking

Adelina Chilundo sees how collective impact might reshape efforts to stope 21st century slavery

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Thought-provoking art
Jesmyn Ward graces Butler University

"Jesmyn Ward’s visit to Butler was an enchanting, yet chilling invitation into her past and a reminder that even the tragic events that happen in our lives have meaning and beauty in them."

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
The Culinary Collage to take a bite out of poverty

Kacie Newhouse realizes that for small nonprofits, big fundraisers can be as important for making new friends as raising funds

Essential initiative
It really was a Big Map of Haiti (and more)

August 2 saw the final installment of SPEA's globalizaton graduate students' community conversations. The topic: A Big Map of Haiti. The simple idea: there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of Central Indiana groups and initiatives partnering in Haiti ... why not make a big map of Haiti so they can show each other and the community as a whole where they are working? The reality was much better.

Dissociative Identity Disorder can bring a happy experience

SPEA Scholar Kelly Wallace attends a screening of "The Three Faces of Eve" by the Shining Light Film Festival

science and technology
Jacob Darwin Hamblin, “Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism”

Jacob Darwin Hamblin specializes in the international dimensions of science, technology, and the environment during the Cold War era.

global politics
Discussion of Burma, and Burmese residents in Indianapolis

When May-Oo began, she said that Burma is a “sexy” topic today, but truthfully, I had not known much about it, including how to find it on a map

IUPUI’s 9th annual International Festival

Shannon Link travels to the Campus Center for inside info about China

culture & the arts
“Forgotten” — Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

Keri Datillo experiences 2 of Indy's treasures, Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

local meets global
Erik Lehmann — Globalization: a (not only) German View

Amber Audrain reports on a lecture from Berlin

Conferences and conversations
The State of the State’s Waters

Alissa Feilen reports on a massive conference about how to manage the state's water resources.

provocative conversations
Race and affirmative action

Ose Agho rethinks her views on race-based admittance practices

religions and spirituality
Forum to find common ground between LGBT and Christian communities

The fact that there were no experts nor leadership devolved this potentially potent event into a vent-fest.

food issues
Don’t expect to buy beaver meat @ Binford

Jacleen Joiner visits "Leave it to Beaver"-land

coming to Indiana
Exodus Refugee Banquet

there were Burmese people walking around in their traditional heritage clothing

Privacy and Employment: Connections

Rosa New tensions between free speech, privacy, and public accountability

World-changers speak
Just as captivating in person as in her book

WuDunn and Kristof advocate for empowerment by economic means, through education, overcoming prostitution, violence and sex trafficking, and by solving the issues with maternal mortality

build a better indy
Thinking holistically about the city

By thinking holistically about the city, issues such as poverty, for example, can be attacked on multiple fronts, slowly chipping away at structural deficiencies.

Spring 2014
“Girl Rising” @ IUPUI

Nine stories about nine girls in nine countries narrated by nine celebrities leads Kacie Newhouse to imagine how to make a difference

Fall 2013
Farmers markets

Meghan Rouse contemplates how important it is to spend money and talk at the same time

Summer 2013
One Day @ the 2nd Latino Expo

Min Qi partakes in the new immigrant communities in Indianapolis

Spring 2013
“The Euro Crisis” A lecture by Catherine Bonser-Neal

How much tolerance do the citizens of countries with strong economic performance have for those countries that can’t seem to manage their fiscal policy?

Fall 2012
A hospitality certification course for refugees

Boy, were they attentive. You’d think that all of the students would be asleep after listening to someone drone on about high blood pressure for over an hour, but everyone stayed awake. For that, I was grateful and relieved.

Spring 2012
Sarah Hamang reviews “Two Rooms”

Readers of Global Indy know that one of the best ways to learn about the world is through the arts. Plays that are at least superficially about other countries can use those differences to highlight aspects of our own life. SPEA Scholar Sarah Hamang reviews one of several plays in 2012 that use the global to explore the local and intimate.

Spring 2012
Derek Weaver on social media and revolution in Egypt

On January 25, 2011 thousands of people in Egypt took to the streets to protest poverty, unemployment and government corruption. SPEA Scholar Derek Weaver reports on a first-hand account.

Summer 2011
Small area, global view

Marion County has seen significant growth in its Asian, Indian and African immigrants in recent years, along with a large increase in its Hispanic population. The area near Lafayette Square Mall is the epicenter of ethnic dining, even drawing the attention of The New York Times this year. But other pockets of ethnic restaurants are growing throughout the city

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