Summer talking
Plan 2020

Damon Spight wonders what students can learn from a Drano-type event

Talking food policy
What is the Indy Food Council?

Jim Rawlinson finally figures out what the Indy Food Council is up to

The Lovings’ story of their loving marriage

Kayla Druin is provoked by a film about the story of the interracial marriage of Lovings, and wishes other members of the audience were less provoked.

foreign policy videos
On “Peace Building And Conflict Resolution”

Meredith Ollier ponders how a teacher can use a video of a speech about peace by a Santa impersonator

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Lunch & Learn: Animals in Urban Agriculture

Lacey Berkshire learns that dairy cows on the farm are easier to raise than a Nubian goat in the city

more policy videos
A Conversation on Urban Transportation

Brad Gottschlich is challenged to think of the transit issue as a philanthropic development, not just about building rails, but creating a better quality of life within the community

making a better Indy
Indy Rezone @ The Platform

Kayla Druin unexpectedly finds herself in a cramped room discussing the life of chickens in the city

Policy shaping in Indiana
Education Policy: Changing Statewide Standardized Tests

Fady Qaddoura explores several conceptual frameworks for explaining the evolution of education policy in today's Indiana

Summertime deep thoughts
Playworks inspires

Sarah Gerke plays at her work

Conversations Summer 2014
OBAT Helpers 10th Anniversary Community Fundraising “Iftar”

Fady Qaddoura thinks deeply about an iftar and the difficulty OBAT Helpers will have shaping the US policy agenda

Summertime 2014
An Example of “Never Give Up”

A visitor from the DC Beltway helps Kathy Pataluch learn more about Indy Connect emerging in her backyard

comments on policy videos
The Woman Question: From Suffrage to Abortion and Beyond

Christopher Moeller views an informative overview of the abortion debate through the lens of a Consistent Life Ethic

Make Change!
National Bike Summit-Washington DC

Jamison Hutchins goes to Washington to explore the how policy wonks and social entrepreneurs can get around on 2 wheels.

Spring Conversations
Communication Inquiry and Health Outcomes

Cari Petty learns that healing often first requires communicating

Talk with social innovators
Hope Seekers forum @ Herron

Eric Linville comes away from a photography exhibit wanting to learn more about the orphans

beyond our borders
Kenya Carnival

Mark Wade learns about local efforts by kids to raise money for kids in Kenya, and his kid has fun in the process

Events inspiring innovation
Richard Blanco — One America

The Inaugural Poet inspires Matt Impink to transcend his life story so he can share it with others

Insightful talks
Tobias Leadership Conference

Eric Linville learns about Victor Frankenstein's leadership failures, and what Ukrainians would like from their leaders

Real social entrepreneurs
Giving Sum + The Facing Project

Jason Hidy discovers two great organizations, Giving Sum and the Facing Project (and an alternate view of the event is expressed)

Seeking social justice

Trish Donovan looks long and hard for a group that shares her passion for fighting poverty, and almost misses it

Thought-provoking art
“Reel Bad Arabs”

Joshua Shuck takes a trip to Arabland, and learns how to avoid going back.

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
The World’s Game Comes to Indianapolis

Bradley Gottschlich misses the action while standing in line, but still has fun

Essential initiative
NUVO loves Amy King & Provocate—Haiti

NUVO breaks the story: Indianapolis loves Haiti. For years, hundreds of groups from Central Indiana have been partnering with Haitians. Half of all Hoosier households donated money to victims of the devastating earthquake in 2010. Provocate—Haiti's Amy King explains her love affair with Haiti and how Haiti has transformed her life.

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Ghost Army

Megan Engbring recognizes the "The Art of War" is more the title of an ancient book of Chinese military strategy

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science and technology
Daniela Bortoletto @ Science on Tap

Matthew Pope reports on a Science on Tap talk by Purdue physicist Daniela Bortoletto. Sixty people were briefed on the discovery of the Higgs boson, a project Prof. Bortoletto helped lead. Matthew raises additional questions, and leaves dangling a geeky joke about nuclear physics.

global politics
An insider’s perspective on Burma

LaShaundra Bridges connects Burma and Indy

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IUPUI SPEA Networking Meet & Greet

Those who went on the behind the scenes tour even were able to take a glimpse at the most complete structural fossil of any dinosaur recorded, and it will not be ready to go on display until 2014.

culture & the arts
A special presentation of Native American art

Dominique Boyette finds what he's looking for at the Eiteljorg

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local meets global
Local Delegation Connects with Sister City Cologne, Germany

Kathy Pataluch probes behind the junkets to discover the true meaning of sister cities

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Conferences & conversations
“An Evening of Wellness” at the Athenaeum

Lex Fay meets many groups devoted to keeping us sane

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provocative conversations
Brown Bag Lunch Film Series: ‘Latino Americans’

Tabitha Truax reports: IUPUI Multicultural Success Center shows PBS documentary but fails to draw audience

religions and spirituality
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a new exhibit running from November 2nd through January 13th, 2013. Featuring more than 250 objects, the Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture encompasses…

food issues
Change the Way We Eat with TEDxManhattan

“Change the Way We Eat” is a TEDxManhattan event that will be webcast live for viewing parties in cities around the country, including Indianapolis. Come hear an all-star lineup of food entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, researchers, and educators, including Top Chef mainstay Tom Colicchio

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coming to Indiana
International College Students’ Impact on Local Economies

Growing numbers of international students lead Stephen Woodruff to ponder long-term implications

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Amy Stewart on globalization of flowers

Rachel Haaser visits the country's only art museum affiliated with a horticultural society, and learns flowers are more than just pretty

World-changers speak
Civility, Politics, and Reconciliation: An Impossible Triangle?

Rosa New learns lessons about forgiveness and healing

build a better indy
Organic openness, progression, and purposeful dialogue

This organic feel allows planners and participants to experience their desires to better the city by engaging with others as something they discovered on their own while they were there, without being constantly reminded of what it is they were there for.

Spring 2014
Jill Vialet of Playworks

Mark Wade is disappointed that he didn't get to talk more with a social enterprising legend, but is happy he connected with locals she has inspired

Fall 2013
Indy’s Inaugural Festival of Faiths

On a sunny Sunday, Rose Timpe embraces the religious diversity of Central Indiana

Summer 2013
The Hope Seekers and The Hope Bringers

Elizabeth Darby listens for hope for the vulnerable in Swaziland

Spring 2013
LAUNCH Chattanooga

Caroline Tait is a fan of a group that inspires and supports disadvantaged youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs

Fall 2012
Launching research into the Irish Republican Movement

I came in with limited knowledge on the topic and came out with a much different understanding of Ireland’s political history and the political tensions that still exist there. I was, furthermore, propelled to do more background research on the topic.

Spring 2012
Ali Curtis reviews A Night of Vonnegut

SPEA Scholar Ali Curtis had the good luck to attend “A Night of Vonnegut,” the fundraising gala put on by the Kurt Vonnegut Jr Memorial Library. She shares a report, as does local Vonnegut…

Spring 2012
Patricia Jordan reviews “Housing as a Platform to Health and Self Sufficiency for Persons with HIV/AIDS and their families”

SPEA Scholar Patricia Jordan attended a major conference on housing and persons with HIV/AIDS.…

Summer 2011
A refugee fundraiser raises the question: “Won’t somebody please think about the chickens?”

The film "Welcome to Shelbyville" shows many old-timer and newcomer Americans, featuring blacks and whites, Hispanics and Somalis. SPEA student Leah Gonzalez notices a character missing from most of the the film.

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