Talking food policy
Watching “Edible City” all alone

James Rawlnson watches the documentary "Edible City," but misses the most important part ... talking about it with passionate fans of food policy

making a better Indy
Garfield Park Neighborhood Better Block Party

Meredith Lizza thinks the Better Block for Garfield Park would have been even better with more nonprofits helping out

Policy shaping in Indiana
Crowd Funding Law Updates

Bradley Gottschlich learns how crowdsourcing is forcing us to rethink fraud and due diligence

Deep thoughts for summertime
Great Decisions: US Trade Policy Overview

Bradley Gottschlich reports on a great Great Decisions talk on trade by Prof. Cathy Bonser-Neal

Conversations Summer 2014
The Loving Story at the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Chris Moeller situates the story of Richard and Mildred Loving's interracial marriage in the context of pressures on families (and his own loving story)

Summer 2014
Nurse Family Partnership: Summer Picnic

Greg Stocking reports on a good event by a great organization

comments on policy videos
Politics and Policies of Animal Welfare

Christopher Moeller considers how students can learn about animal welfare from a smart Purdue professor

Make Change!
ROWport (2014)- Reconnecting to Our Waterways

Jamison Hutchins reports on Reconnecting to Our Waterways and its ROW-port 2014

Spring Conversations
Industrial Workers of the World: One Big Union

Jason Hidy visits with a new union that is also one of the world's oldest.

Talk with social innovators
Hope Seekers forum @ Herron

Eric Linville comes away from a photography exhibit wanting to learn more about the orphans

beyond our borders
A Bright Future

Matt Impink looks to Africa for a new way of thinking about civic challenges in the US

Events inspiring innovation
Jabberwocky Event and Reflections

Bradley learns about his new sisters around the world

Insightful talks
ICWA discusses great decisions about food and climate change

Katelyn Utley hears a great expert give a great talk about a Great Decision

Real social entrepreneurs
Anti-traffickers talk

Eric Linville learns that when you connect global and local, sometimes local is the problem

Seeking social justice
Can Men Have it All?

Matt Impink ponders whether America federalism might be a way to sneak in Swedish-style social policies

Thought-provoking art
“Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism”

Katelyn wishes a poster expresses how she feels about Walmart

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
A double dose of Brazil — Feijoada and Carnaval

Dan quackenbush goes from being Brazil-curious to a seasoned Brazil-veteran

Essential initiative
LAUNCH Chattanooga

Caroline Tait is a fan of a group that inspires and supports disadvantaged youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs

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Revolutionary Optimists” @ KI EcoCenter

Keri Dattilo discovers a hidden treasure in an unmarked building

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science and technology
Memory University/When Speech Fails

Matt Johnson realizes how serious a challenge dementia will be for society and the healthcare system

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global politics
Why the Conflict? Palestinian perspectives on the Israeli/Palestinian Tension

There is great despair in other parts of the world and how lucky we are to live in America-- where we do not live in constant fear and are able to live in peace and freedom.

Related To This Article
West Washington Merchant Association

I was able to see effective community planning and how to engage people across cultural differences.

culture & the arts
Common @ Clowes Hall

"He differentiated himself from the rest of the hip-hop scene by not advocating for violence, but rather getting away from violence and making YOU great. " And he gives away bags.

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local meets global
Local Delegation Connects with Sister City Cologne, Germany

Kathy Pataluch probes behind the junkets to discover the true meaning of sister cities

Conferences & conversations
SPEA Women & Policy Luncheon with Speaker Dr. Pippa Malmgren

On June 4th, 2013, I attended a Women and Policy Luncheon put on by the IU Bloomington and IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs by invitation from Kathy Hursh. I expected the talk would…

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provocative conversations
Benjamin Harrison Home

Alex Ostrovsky gets pleasure from Indiana's gift to the White House

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religions and spirituality
Enlightenment on 96th Street

Erin McCarthy discovers alternate religious rootfor philanthropy

food issues
A piece of Morocco in Indy

Elizabeth Darby accidentally discovers a culinary treasure she had been unable to find

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coming to Indiana
Indiana Youth Institute “Working with Hispanic Youth”

An excellent opportunity to learn about challenges facing our Hispanic and immigrant populations, meeting with representatives from sister organizations and seeing the space and opportunities available

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The Case for Two Presidents?

Jeanine Louw contemplates an audacious political reform suggested by IU-Indianapolis law professor David Orentlichter

World-changers speak
Sheryl WuDunn – now translate it to action

Although it would be safe to assume that most of the attendees came away with a few moments of inspiration and redefined perspective on the issue, I’m not sure that the event embodied its ideal potential.

build a better indy
Changing Views on Health, Safety and Bicycles

Bethany Gosewehr wonders why Indy can't be as bike-friendly as Maxico

Spring 2014
CTS hosts “Strange Fruit”

Jason Hidy is moved by a unique performance

Fall 2013
Immigrant Welcome Center

Kathy Pataluch marvels at how we can expect to serve everyone in Indianapolis when everyone speaks more than 90 languages

Summer 2013
“Forgotten” — Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

Keri Datillo experiences 2 of Indy's treasures, Katie Basbagill and OBAT Helpers

Spring 2013
Scott Pegg on China in Africa

Colin Bailey learns that experience with Western corporations in Africa can make one sanguine about China in Africa

Fall 2012
“Seven” — change is possible

I find it so amazing how must evil our world holds.

Spring 2012
Brent Willoughby reviews Philip Jenkins on the future of Christendom

Brent Willoughby attends a discussion of where Christianity might be headed in the 21st century, and what it might look like when it gets there.

Spring 2012
Courtney Kincaid on Knowledge Management Focus Group: An Opportunity to Discuss Knowledge with Two Blokes from Scotland

Globalization means that good ideas can be drawn from all over the world and put into practice (successfully or not) in particular local contexts. SPEA Scholar Courtney Kincaid experiences the possibilities as her association asks how we can manage what we know.

Summer 2011
A report on a discussion of how Hoosiers can do business in Africa

SPEA student Diane Cooper attended African Emerging Market:  What you Must Know 1-2-3  on July 12. Part of the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration conversation series, the panel discussion was moderated by Alice Watson.…

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