Clean and Green
Cowspiracy Film Screening

"Although the turn out was small, it was a group of open-minded people which led itself to constructive dialogue. The film showing proved to be a avenue to gather folks around a particular interest topic and have meaningful dialogue which could ultimately lead towards long-term sustainable change."

Summertime events
Heart of the River – Community Forum on Mounds Reservoir

The lack of open-mindedness present in the general audience somehow managed to catch me off guard. Nevertheless, the event was very educational and provided a place for thoughts, discussion, and action to develop.

Videos that inform
Town Hall Meeting: “Early Education and Public Safety Initiative”

"Had I attended this meeting I think I would have left with a lot of questions and felt the need to do additional research independently."

Values and policy
Analysis of The values that drive policy debates in Indiana

All of the speakers presented views that will help foster a more constructive public dialogue surrounding values and policy. I am hopeful that the influence of our speakers will make this ideal a reality.

Journalists shaping policy
Talk about how journalists do and should shape policy conversations

June 15th, SPEA Scholars are organizing a conversation about the role of journalists in policy-shaping. Two weeks after the event, join them for an informal conversation about the topic at the Thirsty Scholar.

Red state, green policies
Red state, Green policies

A group of environmental organizations, businesspeople, and agricultural interests who discuss how Indiana can protect the environment while growing the economy.

Grassroots and foreign aid
Learn more about poverty and US foreign aid

The suggested readings are short articles with links to other data (for those interested in learning more)

Youth-led initiatives
Everything you need to know about youth-led initiatives

Want to know why youth-led policy-shaping initiatives matter so much? Read some articles, watch some videos.

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Healthcare & values
Health care and American Values

IUPUI Religious Studies Prof. David Craig discusses and signs copies of his critically acclaimed book, Health Care as a Social Good: Religious Values and American Democracy.

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Legislators’ perspectives
A legislator’s perspective on contending visions for policy

Several Democratic and Republican legislators explore how to avoid policy paralysis and dysfunction in Indiana

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Indy’s kids’ food insecurity
Addressing food insecurity for children in Marion County

Nearly a fifth of the population in Marion County is food insecure — they have limited or uncertain access to enough food to support a healthy life. A disturbingly large portion of these people who are not sure about where they will get food for the next day are children. What can be done to address the causes of this problem?

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The HIV crisis in Indiana
Addressing the HIV epidemic in Indiana

Austin, Indiana, a town with just 4,200 people, is in the throes of a HIV outbreak. The issues facing Austin – addiction, poverty, unemployment –aren’t unique to rural Indiana.

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Civil policy discourse
A celebration of civil policy discussion: Where do we go now?

Find out how you can learn more about the issues discussed in this series, upcoming events that will connect you to groups seeking solutions, and opportunities to be part of further efforts to carry out civil policy conversations.

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International videos
Pierre Atlas on The Middle East in Crisis

Atlas said, “They must recognize each other’s humanity.” Not a truer statement could be made about this entire subject.

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Lectures worth listening to
Sheila Kennedy’s last lecture

“When a polity is very diverse, as in the United States, it is critically important that citizens know at least the basic outlines of the country’s history, philosophy and governing architecture; in the absence of other ties—race, religion, national origin—a common understanding of, and devotion to, constitutional principles is critical to the formation of national identity and commitment to the common good,” she said.

Speakers speaking
A Vigil: Remembering Our Three Winners

"I wish more people came out and showed their support because this incident could happen to any of us. Gun violence exists and so does racism and prejudice against Muslims in America and against all minorities. We must all stand together in the face of hate crimes no matter what."

Talking and listening
Edward Hansen interviews David Carlson on ISIS/ISIL

Days after the presentation, I had the good fortune of asking Dr. Carlson some questions I was pondering.

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Words of wisdom
Jesse Kharbanda on legislative matters

" Jesse Kharbanda wrapped up the talk by talking about three ways to get involved. First, he said meeting with a legislator in person is the best way because you are able to get your point across. Second, is to write a personalized email to your legislator. The third way is to write a letter to the editor."

Tough talks
Senate Bill 345 heard in the General Assembly appropriations committee

Senate Bill 345 would allow graduates who went to an Indiana high school for at least three years to receive instate tuition.

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Thought-provoking films
INequality: Indiana and the minimum wage

While there was a great deal of discussion about the economic repercussions of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act during the political furor surrounding the bill, another economic issue – raising the minimum wage in Indiana – got swept under the rug.

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Films and discussions
Tavis Smiley — “Too Important to Fail”

"In just me watching the video I learned a lot about the current solution to the crisis that anyone with children could take something away from."

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Mobilizing for change
Creative Mornings – Humility

“The city,” Moore said, “is in a sweet spot of being a city big enough to promote these projects, but also small enough that there are still plenty of opportunities.”

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Talk together
Slaughterhouse Five Day

"It was a good move for them to partner with the Kurt Vonnegut library, an already well establish organization in Indianapolis, and have the anniversary event. To incorporate artwork, speakers, and a band can be tricky, but they did a nice job."

More Consider This
Consider This: Global Human Rights

"Religion is based on an untouchable faith so it is easy to mobilize people based on their most sacred beliefs because they are untouchable."

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Even more Consider This
Binge-watching “Consider This”

Consider This is a television program produced by the IUPUI Department of Liberal Arts, which can be viewed in Indiana and Kentucky. This show is a panel discussion concerning intellectual and global affairs.

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Death penalty

"If people face the death penalty for crimes they did not even commit this raises tremendous concerns for people who are getting wrongfully prosecuted."

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Indy Food Council’s Annual Celebration and Food Awards

The IFC contends that vacant land in Indianapolis can be used to create a food system that provides everyone access to healthy nutritious food, enhances ecology, and creates meaningful economic and civic opportunities.

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Policy on TV
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

What can we do to cut down on crime and protect our communities when the police aren’t around?

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TV for smart people
Privacy in the Digital Age

"Should insurance companies be geared towards internet security or should the government, with taxpayer dollars, be doing a better job of safeguarding our information on the internet. Either way the consumer foots the bill."

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Movie talk
Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness

Says Channing Gabe: "I would have liked to have seen more of a balance between the opinions of government officials, homeless, and supporting organizations."

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Speaking up
Tau Kappa Epsilon – Upsilon-Iota Chapter Weekly Meetings

"Overall, the organization and its members has impressed me over the last semester."

TV for change
Living Wages as a Human Right

"With all of the real workers sharing their stories really made me feel that this fight has just begun and I need to help in any way I can because I’m going to graduate soon and plan to be in positions where I can make changes in the communities and help people rise above inequality."

Mideast troubles
Dr. Ilan Pappè Visit

Troy Kennedy asks event organizers just what they hoped to accomplish with an Israeli historian talking at IUPUI.

The city on TV
No Limits, Bill Hudnut

"Listening to 51 minutes of Former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut was the best 51 minutes I have ever spent listening to an 82 year old man in my life."

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