Challenging rallies
RFRA: Every Dog Has Its Day

"If, on the other hand, this is used as an opportunity for communication – if citizens and representatives, Democrats and Republicans get a better handle on how to work with and for one another – the RFRA, disaster that it was, might end up being the best thing that ever happened to Indiana."

Indiana Civic Day

"I spoke with an elderly man, previously of the Jewish faith. We spoke on the rational behind the Center for Inquiry. He explained that it was a meeting place for secular minded individuals."

Conferring together
Indianapolis Urban Policy … “Yes, it exists”

"I like the idea of connecting our waterways, but I think the idea of using this policy to achieve social and economic ends could unite our community."

Consider This
More binging on “Consider This”

"Amy King responded by stating her biggest advocacy would be of socially responsible tourism in which the beauty of the country is used to attract tourists, and once they are there and develop some concern for the country are presented with small projects to which they could contribute and help the struggling country."

Contested topics
Veterans’ Discussion on Peaceful Alternatives to Conflict

How does war impact on the emotions, behaviors, and beliefs of the soldier's who serve? What could have been done to resolve the conflict in Vietnam other than war?

Privacy in a digital age

"While elders do have an insight to fixing some issues, I believe they are naïve when it comes to technology. This discussion would have been more impactful and interesting if this was discussed with Millennials"

Critically viewed videos
A Conversation about Education: Talking about Testing

One of my favorite parts of the discussion was when one of the panelists, Gavin Craig (a junior at Convenant High School), made a simple, but powerful statement saying, “What’s more important; the grade or the knowledge?”

Experts on video
Privacy in the Digital Age

"We live in a world of thieves. It is important, these days, to make sure your privacy is a top priority."

Hearing voices
Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse Five day

"This event was a very church going group, not that anything is wrong with that, it is just not the demographic I would have expected or even anticipated. Kurt Vonnegut was kind of edgy at times and I do not think this venue did any justice to his greatness."

Indy on video
Building a Better Teacher

"Teachers need to be given more resources and better support in order to do their job more efficiently. Students must be given better support from society. With all of these things combined, the profession of teaching has a bright future and the future of education is even brighter."

International videos
Pierre Atlas: Crisis in the Middle East

"The only thing I would change about this discussion is me actually being there."

Lectures worth listening to
Sheila Kennedy’s last lecture

“When a polity is very diverse, as in the United States, it is critically important that citizens know at least the basic outlines of the country’s history, philosophy and governing architecture; in the absence of other ties—race, religion, national origin—a common understanding of, and devotion to, constitutional principles is critical to the formation of national identity and commitment to the common good,” she said.

Speakers speaking
“What Americans Should Know About ISIS/ISIL” Event Review

Instead of using weapons and war to address these disaffected people, Dr. Carlson challenged us to think of interfaith cooperation and relationship building as a way to tackle the toxic ideologies espoused by these organizations.

Talking and listening
Earth in Balance

"There are clearly many problems with this contract, that if more people knew was going to be put in place, may stand up against. All these fine print details are often approved and signed behind closed, private doors."

Words of wisdom
“What Does The Indiana Legislature Have To Do With My Life?”

"Jesse presented the audience with five different pieces of legislation and what they mean to the environment and our future. For each topic, he also provided us with a hash tag phrase for us to use for social media to get the word out about these problems."

Tough talks
Good Looks=More Money?

"Something he said that bothered me was about his previous secretaries that he had. He said he hired an attractive secretary, and she quit; and then he hired another, and she quit. Finally, he hired an ugly secretary, and she outlasted him."

Thought-provoking films
INequality: Indiana and the minimum wage

While there was a great deal of discussion about the economic repercussions of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act during the political furor surrounding the bill, another economic issue – raising the minimum wage in Indiana – got swept under the rug.

Films and discussions
Up The Creek Without A Paddle?

“Dams disrupt flows, degrade water quality, block the movement of a river’s vital nutrients and sediment, destroy fish and wildlife habitat, and eliminate recreational opportunities… The environmental, economic, and social footprint of a dam and reservoir may run the entire length of the river from the highest mountain peaks that feed the headwaters to the river’s delta at the ocean.”

Mobilizing for change
Black Lives Matter

"This was one of the most effective rallies I have ever been to. The crowd was diverse, the perspective was three dimensional, and the cause was of one unified voice. I am so proud to call myself a member of the community of Indianapolis."

Talk together
IUPUI Black Student Union’s 46th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Dinner

"A lot of people make the argument that MLK Day is not significant nowadays because segregation does not exist, but just because segregation doesn’t exist doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist."

More Consider This
Consider This, “Developments with ISIS”

Also, as odd as it may seem, closed-captions can never hurt when discussing names and locations in to a foreign audience. A more straightforward title to the segment wouldn’t hurt either.

Even more Consider This
A triple dose of “Consider This”

"The experts also discussed Russian citizens’ response to their newer participatory government, their opinions about U.S. government aid in their country, and the democratic opposition of Vladimir Putin."

Beauty Pays

Hamermesh during the event brought up the idea of affirmative action for ugly people. He wanted it to be a more level and open playing field for those who aren't as attractive as others may be.

White privilege

"I believe it is crucial to have these conversations in order to develop a better community. I am looking forward to the next session on May 12th. "

Policy on TV
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

What can we do to cut down on crime and protect our communities when the police aren’t around?

TV for smart people
Privacy in the Digital Age

"Should insurance companies be geared towards internet security or should the government, with taxpayer dollars, be doing a better job of safeguarding our information on the internet. Either way the consumer foots the bill."

Movie talk
Anita Hill speaks truth to power

"I found this film to not only be empowering to women of any race, but also impactful and something that both men and women can learn from. While society has come a long way with women’s rights, there is still a gap between genders."

Speaking up
School of the Americas Watch

" the moment Indiana has three grenade launchers. I personally don’t see a reason to have grenade launchers in Indiana. This is truly scary to me."

TV for change
Town Hall Series: What does Social Justice Mean to You?

"Watching this much of the event I was able to grasp the importance of social justice as it pertains to future circumstances of the youth."

Mideast troubles
Dr. Ilan Pappè Visit

Troy Kennedy asks event organizers just what they hoped to accomplish with an Israeli historian talking at IUPUI.

The city on TV
Living Wages as a Human Right

A talk about living wages as a human right includes a discussion with a panel of five different people in the field and a couple of women working at a low salary job

Global TV
EU Ambassader Joao Vale de Almeida Speaks at IUPUI

The goal of this presentation is to promote the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Initiative.

Listen to this
Catholic Relief Services- Field Update from Front Lines: Most Pressing Humanitarian Emergencies Today

What surprised me the most about this issue, was how media can dictate what we know and do not know about the issue of the suffering in these countries.

Keep talking
Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People are More Successful

"Professor started his presentation by splitting the audience in half for an example of how pretty people get a premium. He then showed different slides of people: George Clooney, an Italian man, the North Korean president and Estee Lauder models."

Refugee friendship feast
Syrian Refugees Celebrating The Life Ahead

"At some point, I could not hear myself talk because it was so loud. But that is a good thing because that meant that everyone was having a good time."

Africans in Indy
The Systemic: Indianapolis-African Relations

"Public policy that allows two cultures, for that matter infinite cultures, completely individual of one another, separate in perspective and background, to do life with one another."

Continue conversing
Revolutionizing Education in America – Dr. Steve Perry

'I believe in “compromise before killing” which simply means, let’s have conversations that will get us to compromise before we hack the method used to implement a public service.'

Thorny problems
How much does beauty pay?

"Chinese women spend on making themselves beautiful but it does make a difference in the amount of money that is made in result because the makeup does not hit the original features."

Sound advice
Sheila Kennedy’s “Last Lecture”

"She does not call out just any one social group, but every American citizen. People need to take a look at their own values and question where they came from and why they have them. "

Great Decisions
Syrian Refugee Crisis – Great Decisions Discussion

"If this event did not happen then a lot of people in the room would have been listening to FoxNews or CNN reporting on the crisis in Syria and that is just not sufficient enough."

Infant mortality in Indiana
Infant Mortality in Indiana

"We shouldn’t scare women into thinking it is wrong that they are pregnant. We need to educate them on how to take care of themselves and their children."