Summer talking
Plan 2020

Damon Spight wonders what students can learn from a Drano-type event

Talking food policy
What is the Indy Food Council?

Jim Rawlinson finally figures out what the Indy Food Council is up to

The Loving Story at the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Chris Moeller situates the story of Richard and Mildred Loving's interracial marriage in the context of pressures on families (and his own loving story)

foreign policy videos
Pierre Atlas on “The Israeli — US Relationship”

Jim Rawlinson watches a video of his prescient professor Pierre Atlas

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy: Why is food waste a problem?

Meredith Lizza wonders if Americans would waste less food if they valued food the way it should be

more policy videos
A Conversation on Urban Transportation

Brad Gottschlich is challenged to think of the transit issue as a philanthropic development, not just about building rails, but creating a better quality of life within the community

making a better Indy
Indy Re-Zone Meeting

Meredith Lizza notices that being reminded that farm animals in cities are noisy and may require special fences tends to make zoning meetings tense

Policy shaping in Indiana
Education Policy: Changing Statewide Standardized Tests

Fady Qaddoura explores several conceptual frameworks for explaining the evolution of education policy in today's Indiana

Summertime deep thoughts
Pitching and feasting @ Speak Easy

Meredith Lizza witnsees a piece of community developing at the Speak Easy

Conversations Summer 2014
June PitchFeast @ Speak Easy

Kayla Druin enjoys tasty food and learns about micro-grants and part-time hookers

Summertime 2014
International Center’s Polo at Sunset Fundraiser

Greg Stocking manages to find surprising things at a fundraiser with horses and mallets

comments on policy videos
Peter Haas: Housing + Transportation Affordability Index

Greg Stocking thoughtfully analyzes a new approach to transportation and housing

Make Change!
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Native Plant workshop and INPAWS special meeting about mission and outreach

Jamison Hutchins wonders how to get younger people to care about ethical lawnscape

Spring Conversations
Communication Inquiry and Health Outcomes

Cari Petty learns that healing often first requires communicating

Talk with social innovators
Jill Vialet of Playworks

Mark Wade is disappointed that he didn't get to talk more with a social enterprising legend, but is happy he connected with locals she has inspired

beyond our borders
Kenya Carnival

Mark Wade learns about local efforts by kids to raise money for kids in Kenya, and his kid has fun in the process

Events inspiring innovation
5×5 generates ideas for generating ideas

Caroline Tait imagines how more events like 5x5 can do good for arts organizations

Insightful talks
Climate change and food security

Kahfii King learns that it may take a newly minted Hoosier a while before he can figure out how to increase food security in Indiana

Real social entrepreneurs
PitchFeast: Pitching and Feasting, Both Fun

Rebecca Scheer ponders what it would take to get more $5 bills into worthy hands

Seeking social justice
The School to Prison Pipeline: What Is It and What We Can Do to Disrupt It?

Cari Petty is challenged to think that the school-to-prison pipeline could be a reconstitution of the slave state

Thought-provoking art
“Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism”

Katelyn wishes a poster expresses how she feels about Walmart

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
Engineering on Tap – Motorsports Engineering

Laken Sisko learns the science behind racing and wishes other IUPUI alums could too

Essential initiative
Brian Payne on cultural entrepreneurs in Indy

The June 19 Indy Star carried a thoughtful piece about cultural entrepeneurs by Brian Payne ... who as head of the Central Indiana Community Foundation has provided moral and financial support to many of the cultural entrepreneurs in the city. Brian's article suggests a subset of cultural entrepreneurs: global cultural entrepreneurs, who use the arts to build up community around the world as well as in Indy ... and who perhaps use the arts to strengthen links between Indy and the world.

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Do the Math

Scott Gill meets Bill McKibben through the magic of film

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science and technology
Glaciers Can’t Lie– And other observations about Earth’s climate

Kathy Licht's research focuses on understanding the history of the Antarctic ice sheet so we can better understand what causes it to advance and retreat and how that fits in with the global climate system.

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global politics
“The Euro Crisis” A lecture by Catherine Bonser-Neal

How much tolerance do the citizens of countries with strong economic performance have for those countries that can’t seem to manage their fiscal policy?

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Budgeting for college students

Dominique Boyette hears the voice of experience

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culture & the arts
“Black Light” Artist Reception at the Harrison Center for Arts

SPEA Scholar Luke Taylor gets a warm glow at "Black Light"

local meets global
Brits and Hoosiers

Matt Johnson meets the UK's ambassador while President Obama visits London

Conferences & conversations
Indiana Statewide Asthma Conference

Matthew Pope dissects a conference that might help him breath more easily some day

provocative conversations
Brown Bag Lunch Film Series: ‘Latino Americans’

Tabitha Truax reports: IUPUI Multicultural Success Center shows PBS documentary but fails to draw audience

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religions and spirituality
Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture

people thought it was supposed to cross and build bridges with different culture and not cross bridges throughout the time

food issues
“The Terroir of Home-When Place and Food Collide,” Matt Groshek

Art museums and public parks provide excellent locations for education. By planting fruit bearing trees and gardens, we can educate the pubic (especially younger generations) on aspects of food production and re-establish an appreciation for food.

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coming to Indiana
Immigrant Welcome Center

Kathy Pataluch marvels at how we can expect to serve everyone in Indianapolis when everyone speaks more than 90 languages

Egypt: A Sector Divided Cannot Stand

A discussion of Egypt makes Meghan Rouse more aware of how her life is shaped by civil society

World-changers speak
Half The Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Sheryle Wudunn, the co-author of Half the Sky, visited the IUPUI campus on Wednesday, November 14 to discuss her book and experience with women around the world.  Her influence as the Pulitzer Prize winner…

build a better indy
Bikeshare in Indy

Lex Fay asks tough questions about the new bike-share program

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Spring 2014
Rev. Charles Harrison and the 10 Point Coalition

Christopher Moeller meets a minister and plans to walk the streets

Fall 2013
Reflections on the French Market

Corrine Purvis reflects on the true meaning of St. Joan of Arc's French Festival (it's not Beignets and Beer)

Summer 2013
Brits and Hoosiers

Matt Johnson meets the UK's ambassador while President Obama visits London

Spring 2013
Post-urban Detroit in “Urban Roots”

SPEA Scholar Rachel Ogorski wonders whether Detroit's farms are Indy's future

Fall 2012
Slavery to Liberation

Approximately 300 million people are still enslaved today.  An event, Slavery to Liberation hoped to bring light to this issue and get donations for this cause.  The event was at the Tin Roof, a…

Spring 2012
Patricia Jordan reviews “Housing as a Platform to Health and Self Sufficiency for Persons with HIV/AIDS and their families”

SPEA Scholar Patricia Jordan attended a major conference on housing and persons with HIV/AIDS.…

Spring 2012
Jessica Roberts analyzes two articles on education and globalization

Says SPEA Scholar Jessica Roberts, “Providing quality cultural education has become among one of the most important needs in modern education because it gives students an advantage in the global workforce and the ability…

Summer 2011
A review of “Green Wave” at the Indy Film Fest

SPEA student Jeff Hague watched one of the most potent and innovative movies of the recent Indianapolis International Film Festival, "Green Wave."

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