The Windsor Park Neighborhood Block Party: What Could Have Been

"If the Windsor Park Neighborhood block party didn’t get me to interact with my neighbors, it at least got me to take accountability."

Fellowship 2020 Symposium

Another initiative that stood out was presented by Marshawn Wolley who presented research about engaging the minority in communal and civic culture.

The 2015 AIPAC Indiana Annual Event

"How is Iran going to be different in 15 years? I would only agree to a deal that removed this generation from obtaining nuclear power. Iranian people do not completely agree with their government so I would want to give those people enough time to change their government."

Railroads in Indianapolis

"Prior to the lecture, railroads to me were simply a burden. Having to cross railroad tracks multiple times a day coming to and from school, catching a train was the last thing that I wanted to sit and wait out. After the lecture, I realized that railroads in Indianapolis along with the United States are gems."

Festivals in Fall
Indy Sister Cities Fest Unites by Embracing Differences

"Rain showers ended just in the nick of time. The sun was shining soon after the start of the annual Indy Sister Cities Fest and the day grew warmer as the event went on. But the sun can’t take all of the credit for the warmth people felt on Georgia Street in downtown Indianapolis"

TV and Crime: Science and Investigations

Juries now come with a “CSI effect” that was thought to cause lower prosecution rates because juries aren’t shown the same type of evidence that is seen on TV.

Foreign policy
Tales from the Niger Delta — The Accidental Life of a Human Rights Activist

Dr. Nenibarini Zabbey a Nigerian native, and biologist by profession stumbled upon an accidental career as a human rights activist. So you are thinking, how does a biologist studying the local waters in his homeland become a human rights activist?

Films and conversation
Film Showing of “Beyond Right and Wrong”

Reflecting on the experience, I have a greater appreciation for the type of restorative justice depicted in the film. It can be easy to be consumed by grief and anger following traumatic events, but even stern punishment of the perpetrators does not effectively heal a person, community, or nation. Ultimately a dialogue needs to occur and compassion needs to be exercised by all parties involved. True emotional healing is a symbiotic and inclusive process.

Table conversations
Festival of Faiths: Social Awareness Table Conversations

I was also encouraged by the people who live here in Indiana, and the fact that there are more progressive citizens here than I realized. I hope that we can continue to have these discussions throughout the city in order to lead to action and sustainable changes.

Joanna Taft : The Cultural Entrepreneur — Taking a Risk and Getting it Right

Downtown Indianapolis is surrounded by struggling neighborhoods that provide evidence in support of the Broken Windows Theory. As a result of this Joanna Taft, director of the Harrison Center for the Arts, has made it the mission of her organization to function as more than a cultural stop within Indianapolis.

Reverend Chacour on peacemaking in the “Holy Land”

It was apparent many of the people attending the event knew each other quite well and the sight of an unfamiliar face in the room was shocking but welcomed. I accepted a brochure with a smile and comfortably found my way to a seat in front of the podium.

Hashtag: Rights for All

On November 20th, Christian Theological Seminary of Indianapolis hosted a panel discussion entitled, “Do I Have to Bake You a Cake?” during which two panelists, Jane Haneger, the Executive Director of the Indiana ACLU and Professor John Hill, from an Indiana law school, discussed Indiana’s recent RFRA legislation and the LGBT controversy.

Public Policy in the Digital Age

Ironically, public policy especially at the state level is not something that the local media devotes much coverage to these days. Those of us who wished to stay informed must seek out this information ourselves. For the most part in present day America, this means finding information online.

Global Videos
Russian Support of Assad

This taping of Consider This was again a discussion with Dr. Simmons and was in addition to the original talk about immigration in the European Union. They talked about how the situation in the…

OBAT Helpers
Empowering marginalized Biharis

To empower this marginalized group in Bangladesh is going to take a lot of support and help from outsiders to bring these people back on their feet and bring them back to good conditions.

Spirit & Place
I have a Dream….about Indianapolis

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once gave a sermon at Saint John’s Missionary Baptist Church, in Indianapolis. It is only fitting that during this year's Spirit and Faith Festival, St. John’s decided to host an I Have a Dream event. This is the 20th anniversary for the Spirit and Faith Festival, and this year’s theme was “Dream”.

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Indiana politicking
Civic engagement and mayoral race

I am hopeful that whoever is elected on November third will be able to adapt, and adopt some of the qualities he may not have showcased on the campaign trail, because our next mayor is inheriting a city in crisis, and neither a leader with unreasonable and unattainable goals, nor one without the ability to inspire our citizens, will do.

Newcomers to Indy
Unwelcome Newcomers: Illegal Immigration & Policy

Myths and misconceptions incited by the media have created distrust among some Americans. The state of the job market and rates of unemployment contribute to Americans’ fears about reform.

Giving & Living
The Future of Indy – Millennial Leadership

"As the Giving Sum event illustrates, there are young professionals, Millennials, out there ready to work on causes big and small. Not only are they ready to work, they are also ready to lead. The challenge to the nonprofit and government sectors in Indianapolis is this: Are you going to give them room to work?"

Movements for change
Ayotzinapa vigil

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

White Privilege: Silencing the Crickets

It will take likely take a lot of discussion and a great deal of time before we see significant change towards eliminating white privilege. The first step is to silence the crickets and start the conversation.

Loving Sheila K
Sheila Kennedy – IUPUI Last Lecture 2015

After spending multiple semesters and a few hours listening to her dialogues, IUPUI has an absolute winner in Sheila Kennedy.

Eva Kor
The Triumph of the Human Spirit: From Auschwitz to Forgiveness

"Eva Kor’s lecture on her experiences and life lessons were riveting, heartbreaking, and ultimately so full of hope, one felt blessed to be part of the audience that night. I can only hope that others will take her message of forgiveness to heart, not just for the sake of peace, but for the sake of the victims themselves."

Indy policy videos
Discussing the Upward Trend of Gun Violence in Indiana

Dr. Dunlop presented not only the problems with gun violence in Indiana, but also possible solutions to help decrease the number of homicides that occur within our state. Members in the audience raised some great questions, but unfortunately discussion was cut short due to time constraints.

More analytics
Are lobbyists a societal evil?

Now the question remains, can lobbying ever be a positive in society? Most Americans would be shocked to discover that many social service agencies employee advocates and lobbyists.

I.U.P.U.I. Students With an Eye to the Future

What will Indiana look like in two hundred years?