Summer talking
Fatherhood Forum – Job Readiness

Damon Spight thoughtfully analyzes policies that might help restore trust in fatherhood and community economic development

Talking food policy
Making Food Safer: Breakfast Panel

Lacey Berkshire is dismayed that representatives of corporations seem to be the only people who care about food safety

“Understanding SNAP” @ INRC

Sarah Gerke proposes that “it takes a village to raise a healthy individual, a health community,” but the village should be bigger than 3 people

foreign policy videos
Pierre Atlas on “The Israeli — US Relationship”

Jim Rawlinson watches a video of his prescient professor Pierre Atlas

Growing Places Lunch Learn
Growing Places Indy: Small Grocers

Meredith Lizza likes small grocers, but cautions against expecting too much from them

more policy videos
Voter ID Laws in America Today

Lacey Berkshire analyzes video of a talk about why Marion County has an impact on citizens' rights in America

making a better Indy
Indy Plan 2020 Open House

Although he is unsure of the outcome, Fady Qaddoura thinks the process of engaging citizens, community civic leaders, and public officials in co-constructing the future of Indianapolis is a smart approach.

Policy shaping in Indiana
Columbus City Council meeting part 2

Jayme Zobrist listens to rational choices at work when the public in Columbus says what they think

Summertime deep thoughts
5×5 hosted by People for Urban Progress

While she may not have liked the winner, Meredith Lizza thought the competition was great

Conversations Summer 2014
Freedom Riders ride to the Indiana State Museum

Chris Moeller discusses the possibilities of nonviolent change with two living legends

Summertime 2014
Can a Small Film Make a Big Impact?

Kathy Pataluch ponders how to use a passionate documentary to reshape public policy concerning homeless individuals in Indianapolis.

comments on policy videos
Air Quality and Children’s’ Health in Indiana

Greg Stocking observes as Dr. Girish Vitalpur tries to contribute to starting a policy conversation

Make Change!
Amnesty Indy

Eric Linville joins a meeting of fighters for freedom who've been at it for a very long time.

Spring Conversations
Industrial Workers of the World: One Big Union

Jason Hidy visits with a new union that is also one of the world's oldest.

Talk with social innovators
Human impact on the environment

Environmental Impact = Population (x) Affluence (x) Technology, or I = PxAxT ... Nick Kappas learns important math, and wishes he could ask questions

beyond our borders
Images of OBAT helping in Bangladesh

Kacie Newhouse wants more people in Indy to feel the same empowerment seen in the photos of Urdu-speakers in Bangladesh

Events inspiring innovation
Richard Blanco — One America

The Inaugural Poet inspires Matt Impink to transcend his life story so he can share it with others

Insightful talks
Climate change and food security

Kahfii King learns that it may take a newly minted Hoosier a while before he can figure out how to increase food security in Indiana

Real social entrepreneurs
Giving Sum + The Facing Project

Jason Hidy discovers two great organizations, Giving Sum and the Facing Project (and an alternate view of the event is expressed)

Seeking social justice
Indianapolis Education House Party

Matt Impink learns things he may already have known about community + school connections, transparency of educational choices, and rigorous vocational education

Thought-provoking art
“Reel Bad Arabs”

Joshua Shuck takes a trip to Arabland, and learns how to avoid going back.

nonprofits meet government
At the library: Grant writing and fundraising

Kahfii King learns that when you write a proposal for funding, who you know may be more important than the words you write

Global fun in Indy
Engineering on Tap – Motorsports Engineering

Laken Sisko learns the science behind racing and wishes other IUPUI alums could too

Essential initiative
It really was a Big Map of Haiti (and more)

August 2 saw the final installment of SPEA's globalizaton graduate students' community conversations. The topic: A Big Map of Haiti. The simple idea: there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of Central Indiana groups and initiatives partnering in Haiti ... why not make a big map of Haiti so they can show each other and the community as a whole where they are working? The reality was much better.


Bethany Gosewehr uses a screening of "The Dream is Now" to understand immigration reform

science and technology
Gabe Filippelli on Politics of Climate Change

Becky Boustani realizes: The planet is warming. We have a choice; continue to delay meaningful action by arguing about it or start to make adjustments.

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global politics
The Island President

As the globe is warming, the oceans are rising. Therefore, the islands of the Maldives are eroding away into the ocean and slowly disappearing.

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Catalyze Indy

The primary goals of the non-profit organizations were first to inform individuals of what it is they are doing, and how that activity is having an effect on society. The organizations then provided individuals with various ways in which they could get involved with their cause. The goal of the service center is to spark change in the city of Indianapolis.

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culture & the arts
“Black Light” Artist Reception at the Harrison Center for Arts

SPEA Scholar Luke Taylor gets a warm glow at "Black Light"

local meets global
The Intersection of Global and School

Elizabeth Darby learns that "educating girls around the world" starts in Washington Township

Conferences & conversations
Genealogy for nightowls in Johnson County

Alissa Feilen goes to the library late at night to learn about how to learn about her family

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provocative conversations
Crime Stopper Shred-It

Chelsea watches identity theft be prevented, one shred at a time

religions and spirituality
Intergalactic Space-Time Travelers

SPEA Scholar Maria Rooijakkers learns about a new religion, but wants to learn more

food issues
El Puerto de San Blas

Keri Dattilo consumes a tasty piece of regional Mexican cuisine in Indianapolis

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coming to Indiana
Immigrant Welcome Center

Kathy Pataluch marvels at how we can expect to serve everyone in Indianapolis when everyone speaks more than 90 languages

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John Green Challenges Indy to be Awesome

Rachel Hatfield is inspired to embrace her nerdiness and pay attention in the moment

World-changers speak
Sen. Lugar says: Be prepared

Senator Lugar sees no other solution than to build strong relationships with foreign national government leaders to instill trust and respect of the American government while maintaining national integrity

build a better indy
Latino/a Youth Collective

Bethany Gosewehr meets one of the truly special groups in Indianapolis

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Spring 2014
Upward College for Chin Students

Matt Impink discovers a Gatsby-strength ambition to improve among college-bound Chin students

Fall 2013
Indy Food Council: Garfield Park Community Conversation

Rose Timpe discovers Hoosiers who share her passion for food equity

Summer 2013
Volunteering @ Second Helpings

Larisa Pavlov looks inside a remarkable local organization

Spring 2013
Steven Stolen’s “Cool Nights, Cool Songs with the Meridian Street Project”

Rachel Haaser discovers a new way of thinking about community thanks to the magic of Steven Stolen's performance

Fall 2012
Ellen Einterz on Humanitarian Medicine in Rural Africa

The challenges facing the intersection of western and African medicine.

Spring 2012
Sarah Hamang comments on “Eli Lilly to Focus on Cancer, Diabetes in China, CEO Says”

One of the most successful Hoosier companies operating in China is Eli Lilly. Good news for Lilly is bad news for the Chinese: they are going to suffer from "rich country" diseases. SPEA Scholar Sarah Hamang is going to explain to us what is at stake when she analyzes "Eli Lilly to Focus on Cancer, Diabetes in China, CEO Says"

Spring 2012
Jessica Roberts analyzes two articles on education and globalization

Says SPEA Scholar Jessica Roberts, “Providing quality cultural education has become among one of the most important needs in modern education because it gives students an advantage in the global workforce and the ability…

Summer 2011
A report from the Felege Hiywot Center

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